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  1. So I missed a few days, but only a couple of hours ago I took my 10th pill. My IB is continuing. I'm breaking out on both sides of my face right now and on my chin. It's the worst on my chin, below the corners of my mouth. I can see where they might come up, and probably will, and it doesn't look pretty. On the positive side, the excessive oiliness has stopped and I'm finally drying out, so hopefully that will make any actives that come up disappear fast. And maybe soon they'll just stop comi
  2. Day 6 Pill 7 I don't think my face has ever been this oily. My lips are starting to get more dry, but it's nothing that some chap stick can't handle. My IB is still in full effect, and I'm continuing to break out on my chin. No cysts, just white heads, and quite a few. They show up quickly, and come to a head even quicker. I'm trying not to pop them, but it's a tough struggle, especially with classes starting today and tomorrow. My left cheek is pretty much clear, I hope I'm not jinxing mysel
  3. So it's the first day of classes, and I am in the thick of my IB....great. This day should be fun. The breakout isn't too bad, mostly on my chin. I hate when they cluster like that. I took my sixth pill last night, but I'll wait until this afternoon before I log another real post.
  4. I can't say exactly how it helps, but I have heard that Emu Oil works wonders on red marks. It is supposedly relatively fast, and incredibly moisturizing which is perfect for people taking accutane. It doesn't clog pores, and is an animal byproduct for anyone concerned with that stuff. There are a few threads about it in the forums on Red Marks. Also, it gets pretty good reviews in the product review section as well. I have tried to find it in stores, but had no luck, I think your best bet is
  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! That is very exciting that you are finished with your course. I'm sure in the next few weeks your skin won't be as dry, and your red marks will start fading faster. I bet you feel ecstatic. I can't wait to be in your shoes and feel good knowing that your skin is great and you don't have to worry about taking pills everyday. Congratulations again and go live it up now!
  6. Days 3-5. Pills Taken: 5. So things are going pretty well. Classes start tomorrow, and it's back to the same old grind of school and studying. I'm feeling a little different this semester though because of the accutane. While I'm not completely clear, and think that my IB is currently taking place/maybe getting a little worse, I have more confidence going in to the new semester knowing that in a few months, anybody that would have said anything about me having acne will be astounded....hopefull
  7. Hey! I'm glad to see you're doing well. I hope when I get near the one month mark I have the success that you're having. You'll be done, and have clear skin before you know it!
  8. Hey man hang in there. I'm sure once the purging stops you'll clear up quickly and not even remember these past few weeks. I just started my course and can definitely tell that my skin has gotten incredibly oily. I'm pretty sure my IB has already started as well as I'm getting break outs pretty regularly. Just keep your head up and you'll be through it in no time.
  9. Hey! I just wanted to stop in and wish you luck. I hope you get through the rough patches alright and start to see real progress soon. I'm sure once you get over all of the initial stuff and get clear skin, you'll be loving life. Take care!
  10. Day 1&2 So it's move in weekend at my school and I haven't been able to update anything on here. I am finishing my second day on accutane and just took my third pill a couple hours ago. So far not too much to report, obviously. I do think that my skin is looking somewhat better as crazy as that sounds. It may just be repairing itself after I stopped using Duac and Differin. I'm not expecting to really start to dry up for a few weeks because I just moved from Las Vegas to San Diego for s
  11. Just stopping by to wish you luck. I'll keep checking back to see how you're doing. Try getting as much sleep as possible, even when you aren't on accutane it feels so much better going through the day with a full nights sleep.
  12. That makes total sense! That's pretty much how I felt when I got in the car on the way home. Let's hope it is!
  13. So my doctor got the blood work in today, and called in the prescription right away. I just stopped by the pharmacy, and 43 dollars later I finally have accutane. I'll take my first pill tonight and start logging my progress on here tomorrow. Hopefully it goes well!
  14. Hey! Just wanted to say good luck with accutane and it's good to see that you're starting off well. I should be starting in the next few days and am a little nervous, not going to lie. I'll make sure to follow your log to see how you're doing and to pick up some tips as you're a little ahead of me! No matter what happens keep your spirits up, think of how you'll look in only a few months!
  15. So I have finally been prescribed Accutane and will begin my course most likely on Thursday the 28th, although there is a chance I could start as soon as tomorrow, the 27th. A quick background of me. I am 20 years old, almost 21 (october 12th!!!) and first got acne when I was a freshman in high school. I first tried ProActiv which did nothing. I went to a dermatologist here in town and was prescribed Duac and Differin. They worked amazingly for the remainder of high school. I had amazing skin