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  1. any tips on how to deal with this problem ive had some time, need an answer/solution that has worked for u in the past. I have a combination skin type, gets dry but gets very oily throughout the day. if any photos are needed then comment so
  2. to start off i am 18 year old male and ive had no problem with acne in the past, but when it was around the beginning of 2018 i started to see more acne overtime which i didnt change any practices of mine, some inflamed skin started to appear in january 2018 and overtime it got worse and more, whiteheads, zits, and subclinical acne. this has gotten worse overtime and looking back on photos of me i seek help, thanks the products i use are st. ives, microdelivery exfoilationg wash, tha
  3. im 17 and i have had small zits here and there from December of last year.progressively from the beginning of 2018 to now its gotten worse with having small zits and big ones such as white heads on my chin, acne on my cheek bones, acne in my eye brows, forehead, and along the hairline. plus the bacne, chest acne, hyper pigmentation and acne scar or red marks all over my face which are where the acne is. i dont know what to do is it hormones im kinda a late bloomer i guess i use murad, up an