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  1. Hey man I’ve been where you’re at. Good news is there’s hope! I’ve had two treatments and have seen some improvement but I definitely have a long way to go being that my scars are pretty severe a few things - you don’t want laser unless it’s someone who’s truly experienced ( it can cause more harm than good ) Dr Rullan in San Diego California is who has been working with me. His patients are all over this site, he’s one of the best. Google him and check it out you’l
  2. Your improvement looks great. Honestly with how far you’ve come I wonder if more treatments are even needed - maybe just more sculptra if it dissipates? I had the same treatment a little over a week ago with Rullan. Waiting for my face to fully heal before I post any before / after photos. One question - how long did it take before you noticed sculptra making a difference? Once again, your results are amazing, you should feel great how far you’ve come already
  3. Hey f39d Looking great man, your success has inspired me to seek similar treatment with Dr Rullan - so thanks for allowing us to follow your journey. ive got 1 question - I got in for my 2nd subcision in a few weeks, but this time with the inclusion of Sculptra - do I suction after this treatment? No other HA filler will be added as of yet. Thanks for your time!
  4. @beautiful ambition sounds great thanks again for the advice! I only know what to do based from this site and people like you. Doing God’s work lmao can’t say thank you enough I will probably be looking at treating every 6 months (with rf in between) and see how I respond. will post updates as I see progress! Next coming in October
  5. @joeysk i really appreciate it! Any positive feedback really helps as most people don’t understand the struggle a lot of us go through just getting our scars to look marginally better. that being said The results are not as durastic in person but I would agree with a 20% improvement on the boxcars/icepicks. Here’s some photos of me in the day light - once again I tried to create shadow in the pictures here - so you will notice they look worse than the initial photos. It’
  6. @beautifulambition sorry for for the delay in the response! Ive been very busy. I took the advice you gave and got subcision/cross/microneedling with Dr Rullan back in early February 2019. The picture show where I’m at as of last week. I chose harsh lighting and tried to cause the light to create a shadow to really see the state of my scars. A few comments/questions. 1. I now understand what you mean by fat loss mid cheek. while the cross/subcision really softened the i
  7. Hey fellow scar victims, I'm new here I was wondering if I could gain any advice or get any suggestions on how to deal with my acne scarring. As a quick background, I'm a 22 year old white male, with Grade 4, or bad Grade 3 acne scarring. I believe (correct if I'm wrong, that's why I'm here) that after much research, I have icepick / boxcar scarring on my temples, with rolling scars / tethered / box car / mixed scars on my cheeks. The treatments I have received thus far started about