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  1. Look at f93d’s post. He mentions someone in Westwood I think
  2. Thank you so much! I really needed some support. It’s so crazy how we are so invested (emotionally/financially) in our scar revision and others can’t see that and put us down for it. Like, do they think we want to keep doing this. It’s exhausting. But I also can’t stop treatments and live the rest of my life constantly thinking of how my scars look. I have such a public facing job that it is excruciating to have nonstop people looking at my face. really disappointed. I am sc
  3. Just had a close family member tell me to stop doing treatments, that my face is not getting any better. this is terribly depressing and honestly makes me feel so bad. Do you guys really see any improvement? I feel like it has gotten better but of course still have a way to go. what do you guys think honestly?
  4. A couple of his assistants mentioned that he was thinking of retiring in the next one to two years when I was there. hmm, yeah but now I have it in my head not to do it. Maybe I’ll change my mind by the time the procedure rolls around. I believe he charges around 600 for a vial of sculptra so I will think about it as I’m sure the laser will melt some of my fat. how are you doing? How is your healing going? Hope you’re doing well.
  5. Glad that patient had good results but that hypopigmentation is so severe and hard to cover. He should’ve invested in manual procedures first to raise but of course they like to push lasers first. anyway, I’ve just gotten off the phone with Dr. Rahimi. He wanted me to do sculptra/ subcision/ and the mixto laser. I declined the subcision and sculptra and I could tell he wasn’t too happy with that. he did agree to go aggressive on my scarring even with my skin color. That is ve
  6. Hi all, as promised, some pictures under overhead focused fluorescent lighting in my work bathroom. Truly my worst lighting. I am embarrassed to put these up but it is what it is. Overall, they look much softer. There are just so many of them and very widespread so it still looks terrible. looking at these pictures, I don’t think I can wait for Rullan in a month or more. I think I will schedule a mixto with Dr Rahimi and then phenol/ erbium with Rullan for 2-3 months af
  7. Thank you so much!!! I don’t look great in all lighting which I hope to capture for you guys but much better than before. I actually tried to take pictures in my bathroom where most of my pictures are taken but had a hard time capturing the scars. Definitely think this is good news as I had a very easy time getting the scars on camera before!! Also please keep in mind that I have on a silicone primer (porefessional by benefit), concealer and foundation by ilia. So without makeup my sc
  8. Hi get smart. Thanks for your continued commentary and support! I am having a very hard time finding somewhere in LA to do laser on me due to my skin color. Another reason to go back to Dr Taylor but it is so impractical and time consuming not to mention expensive to travel so far. I am considering going back to Ben Benham as he once mentioned he would be willing to use his co2 laser on me which I believe is the smartxide dot laser or something like that. He mentioned that it was 2500
  9. Interesting. I always take off my glasses when I have to look in the mirror so I don’t have to see my scars too clearly.
  10. Quick update. went to a local medspa today to get sculptra. And the injector actually refused. She said I already had a very round face and she didnt think it was a good idea. I do appreciate that actually as I myself was not too sure about it. Anyway, slightly unrelated but I did end up getting Botox injections in my masseter muscles to relax the muscle. I do grind my teeth at night so this will help with that but the primary reason I got it is to help slim my face at the b
  11. Ok guys I am seriously considering having a sculptra injection to help with collagen formation. I know the lasers most likely did away with my recent juvederm filler(3 vials) and it has been years (3-4?)since the last(first and only) time I got sculptra ( one vial). I know I have a chubby face already but I wanna help promote the collagen and as always improve my scars. if I do decide to get it, should I get one or two vials? And should I wait until three months from my pr
  12. That’s exactly how I feel! I’ve done pretty much everything and kinda feel like my options are down to nothing at this point. I also feel like the clock is ticking because it seems like Dr Taylor will retire soon and this treatment is the first thing that has given me so much improvement in one go. Anyway, good luck to you. Remember that his office books at least a month out. Yes I’ve also considered it but it seems so scary. As I have my scarring all over, if it goes
  13. I honestly can’t say. They all target different parts of the same problem so having them all done gives better results than just one thing. individually, I don’t know. I would say if you’ve already travelled all the way there then best to follow what he says. Of course I understand money is always an issue. That’s a very personal question.
  14. Yes I’ve restarted my retin a and regular regime trying to get ahead of the discoloration and breakouts. Ever since Dr. Taylor’s procedure, my breakouts have gone down. I don’t know if that’s because of the laser he used but it’s really helped. I was hoping for this to be my last procedure but it doesn’t look that way anymore. I’m thinking now of going back at the 6 month mark and getting the fraxel repair and maybe the starwalker again with the peel. This time I will try to have at
  15. Again, sorry for the delay. I’ve been wiped out from working so much trying to build up my savings again! anyway, these latest pics are from today after I got home from a 10 hr shift. I have on a foundation which evens out my skin tone nicely to keep the focus on my scars. im also gonna include some pics with no foundation so you can see the hypopigmentation that I have. Not a huge deal for me as it is covered relatively easy with makeup and as we all know, scars are so much