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  1. I'd hope that I'd never have to log into this account again. After my acne relapse post accutane, dan's regimen was the only thing that worked for me. I mean, my skin was beautiful. i would maybe MAYBE suffer from 1 breakout a week but now, after about 4 years of use it is starting to fail. I'm a 21 year old who juices vegetables on a daily basis, workout's regularly (and wash face afterwards) stays healthy and balanced. I've been more healthy than I ever have in my life. I wash my face
  2. oh, i thought thats what i was on, oops! sorry and thank you:] lol
  3. __________________________________________________________________________ MY PRESCRIPTION: Claravis (isotretrinion) 60MG a day I also wash my face with Cetaphil facial cleanser in the shower. __________________________________________________________________________ DAY11 10/5/09 -Helllllooooooo:) don't let the happy face fool you, I'm started to get really aggravated. two words :CHAPPED LIPS. haha and not only are they chapped, they're so sensitive and weird feeling. I honestly can't explai
  4. __________________________________________________________________________ MY PRESCRIPTION: Claravis (isotretrinion) 60MG a day i also wash my face with a cetaphil bar in the shower. __________________________________________________________________________ DAY 7 10/1/09 -Hey everyone! I'm officially at the week mark:) things are going pretty okay. I'm starting to think that my IB is coming because i got a cyst on my cheek. notttt fun. and a few others on the chin and forehead. but I can hand
  5. hey burnettks5! great to hear someone is along for the ride! haha. acne has got to be the nastiest thing, and I'm glad that its finally going to be gone for good! and I'm sure your right there with me on that one. thats cool that your on amnesteem, i ALMOST went on that one but got a last minute change for whatever reason...i don't think it really matters. same shit haha but it will be interesting to see the differences in side effects in dosage since your taking more. I don't have oily skin
  6. __________________________________________________________________________ MY PRESCRIPTION: Claravis (isotretrinion) 60MG a day i also wash my face with a cetaphil bar in the shower. __________________________________________________________________________ DAY 3 9/27/09 -the past few days have actually been pretty good to my surprise..no major breakouts, just minor on my chin. i do have to say I'm already feeling the dry side effects. I use Eucerin which is basically the king of moisturizers
  7. ADAMAPPLE's ACCUTANE JOURNEY Hi everyone! my name is adam, and obviously my nickname is adamapple. just kind of stuck with me through out high school. So let's cut to the chase, I have been a sufferer of moderate acne since the age of 13. I'm almost 18 now. I have tried everything, you name it, ALL convenient store brands such as clearisil, neutrogena, clean n clear, acnefree, bior, etcetc. I have also been one of the unfortunate people who have tried proactive (worst acne treatment there is. d
  8. omgosh i know what you mean, i wash my face with a mild soap every night and no harsh chemicals and my right side of my face is always more broken out then my left, like my left is pretty much always clear. and my right has like 4 zits on it, like a two-face effect. i hate it
  9. yeah i definatly am preparing myself for the worst this morning but who knows, my goal if i dont get prescribed to accutane is to get minocycline and taz or something or maybe duac. i dont know i just hope something helps and doesnt make matters worse (which i bet are going to happen) im srry but i do have to say that dermatologists are the most stubborn out of any doctors becuase they think they know everything about your skin by taking a quick look at it and they prescribe you CRAP and then th
  10. soooooooo yup, doctor tomorrow to get a derm, wish me luck! advice from new people would still be great! thankyouy<3 soooooooo yup, doctor tomorrow to get a derm, wish me luck! advice from new people would still be great! thankyou<3
  11. Ooh, you're the genetic deformity in your family? Just kidding...but yeah you are right! "Accutane: The Last Resort Drug" thankyou for responding, im not lying when i say im desperate so its people like you who really help, thankyou again both:) yeah, i underestand the whole "last resort thing" and it is SO frustrating to just have people recomending you to all these different topicals and they just dont work, most of them do WORSE to your face *proactive cough cough* but i really hope
  12. so this up coming friday i have an appointment to go to the family doctor to have him give me a derm. ive never had one b4 and im not going to lie IM PRETTY SCARED. im scared becuase i know im going to go in there and he's going to try and prescribe me all these topical treatments i know isnt going to work, so my plan is to get strait to the point by asking him for accutane. ive been an internet addict the past couple days to really read the background info on EVERYTHING about accutane (side eff
  13. ill just get to the point, last time i was here i posted a regimen that i thought was working but soon failed on me. it was the Carly's clear and smooth, it was not working at all. it helped amazingly on the cystic acne, now i don't have those but it still kept the white heads coming and coming. sooo one night a few weeks ago i was really tired and achy from working in the yard all day and i sat down at night and had a cup of warm lipton herbal tea. i thought to myself "this stuff has to be so
  14. soo i have never posted a topic here before, maybe once but i cant remember. i am writing this becuase i believe my regiman works! its plain, simple and easy. MORNING: carly's clear and smooth natural soap bar rinse carly's natural kick @ss face wash (its really called kick @ss) carly's natural lotion for under makeup (and im a boy. i dont think its wierd. if you have a zit, cover it up...whats the big deal?) carly's natural healing lotion and finally....everyday minerals foundation DAYT
  15. Hi m adam and im new on acne org but i came here becuase my acne has been getting kind of bad and i believe i have a regimen that needs to be recognized. so no need to go into details, so here it is.. morning.1.Burt's Bee's deep cleansing cream 2.Burt's Bee's tee tree oil blemish stick 3.clean and clear's salicylic spot treatment 4.clean and clear's salicylic moisturizer okay. now listen. Burts bees is great and it really is all natural and good for our skin. the first week or two you us