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  1. its huge! so i decided to ask this in my little thread
  2. are they really important in speeding up healing of red marks? I'm referring to the topic below this about "devine RX". i'm off accutane for 1 week+! give me any input; my cheeks are really red because of my deep red marks.
  3. i've read posts that said wait 6 months until you get a peel or any laser procedure done after you've done your course of accutane. I just finished my course of 5 months at 50~60 mg a day. I have in home microdermabrasion kit at home, and Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Acne Mark Fading Peel. I have to say, I dont get acne or breakouts anymore, but my cheeks are really red because of my deep red marks, and have many shallow scars. I dont care about scars as i think they're ok, but i cant tolera
  4. um.. no. I don't really notice pimples on girls, but when it's moderate, of course i'l notice it. 1 or 2 pimples?? .... I wouldn't find girls disgusting just because of 2 pimples!! OMG If acne is mild or less, i dont think you'd have to worry about it...
  5. wow you're very much like me, although i've changed a bit over time. Oh well, what can I do! Just wait till skin clears up and see what happens..
  6. Yay! That makes me so happy to hear that, because there is hope :)

  7. ahh guys. They have broken up since they are going to different Uni. Haha, i'll tell her we'l just be friends if she tries to make a move again. I'm sensing it strongly, but since I'm also going to different uni than her, it's worthless to go out with her. I'll update you if anything comes up.
  8. I have gained VERY VERY LITTLE. I lost my skin, i lost my confidence, i lost almost everything my reputation, etc. What i Gained is more arrogance and anger.
  9. phew, that's harsh. If I were you, I'd do anything to get away from them seeing you're already 18+. I've also been through some rough stuff with my dad that I never talk to him anymore. "i WILL NEVER ever be like this with my kids if i have kids.. "<- That's what I also think. Now i have acne, and it was probably cause of all the fuckin stress that he has given me. I think we have to go through this, and once we actually become independent, we need to show them how ignorant they were b
  10. Astrocious, You're incredibly brave, even if it was because of alcohol. I'd never have courage to do that.
  11. however, it does make your self-esteem go wayyy down if the acne is beyond mild....