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  1. I planning on seeing him about October for subcision, filler and rf needing.
  2. Looking for advice on which doctor in better with subcision and filler?
  3. Anyone recommend any subcision doctors in Nashville or Atlanta?
  4. I just wanted to share from my experience what is working for me. All comments and advice are welcome. Before I found this site and real self I had no clue about any acne scar treatment. I went to a local board certified Plastic surgeron she recommended fraxel restore. I did 2 treatments and Very little improvement. Recently I had one micro needling done and the improvements are way better than the 2 fraxel a combined. Trying to get off work for subcision and possibly tca cross.
  5. Opinions on treatment planning on doing it?
  6. Does anyone know any hypo Pigmentation treatments?
  7. Are these enlarge pores or ance scars and what is the treatment?
  8. I took accutane roughly 8 years ago and from my understand most take it a second time. I had serve acne back then but I've noticed a few more pimples starting to pop up than usual. Starting to get the deep pimples that don't go away a couple days. What I'm getting now is no where close to what I once had but still can't stand little bumps popping up and not going away. In all honestly my skin was better shortly after accutane and gradually went down hill.
  9. What is the best micro needling device for at home I like to start trying it.
  10. Doing fraxel this week how long after should start doing microneedling?
  11. I got a few different types of ance scars, enlarged pores and some wrinkles. I'm iffy about even seeking treatment some people are please, some aren't. I found a place near me that does Mixto co2 laser but doesn't do TCA cross. I've done some research and I think I may do the laser then TCA cross then another laser. Opinions?