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  1. Check out the 40% Lactic acid mini-peel from puredeming.com -- it should be a good starting point for you
  2. jfall


    I first mix organic ACV 1:1 with water (half water, half ACV). In the morning I wash my face with a gentle cleanser, let dry then apply ACV solution with a cotton ball. I just leave it on, it goes away. Mid-day I apply the ACV solution again and leave on. Before bed I wash my face again and apply moisturizer.
  3. I ordered my lactic peels from Puredeming.com, came pretty quick
  4. I wash with a gentle soap, then apply a 50:50 mix of Apple Cider Vinegar/Water twice daily. Moisturize at night before bed. I apply Puredeming IG-RALA once every three days and do a 40% lactic acid peel once every 7 days.
  5. Maybe Apple Cider Vinegar or Aspirin masks?
  6. I am 25/male. In my teen years I had pretty bad acne, over the years it cleared up mostly on it's own. What I am left with is an uneven complexion, large pours, and some redness (with the occasional pimple here and there). I tried Dans regime for about 3 months, I thought it might help even out my complexion, but it didn't really do very much (I think it is probably not suited for someone who doesn't have active acne). So I've done some research on this board and this is what I've come up
  7. I had fairly bad acne when I was younger, over the years it cleared up quite a bit and had some breakouts here and there. I've been doing Dan's regime for the past 3 months and my face is pretty well clear of acne at the moment. My problem is that my complexion isn't that great, I have some red marks, big pores, and just uneven skin tone in general. I just bought 1oz of Puredeming Intese GEL R-ALA and 1/2 oz of Puredeming Lactic Acid 40% mini peel. I am wondering how often I should use the
  8. I purchased the 3 step products. When I was younger I had moderate acne, but grew out of it. From time to time I get the odd pimple. The complexion of my face is different tones with some redness here and there. I was hoping that the regimen products will help clear my complexion and give me a more even skin tone. Should I be using these products or something else? Also, I recently started visiting a tanning bed (I am going on vacation in a few weeks and need to get my skin adjusted) will
  9. Hi Jfall, Depending on where you are seeing the "Processing" status, it may be a misnomer. Usually once the payment clears, the order is shipped out the next business day. We always send out a shipment confirmation e-mail to the address associated with the order, so you may want to check your junk mail or spam folder to see if it is there. If you can't find anything, please e-mail me your order number and I'll look it up. Thanks! Kory DanielKern.com Customer Support [email protected]
  10. I ordered some products 9 days ago (on April 20th). My credit card was successfully charged but my order status still says "processing". How long does it normally take to ship the products?