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  1. I agree. We were made to be exposed to sunlight. Now with our new enviroment that WE have created, the amount of UV radiation we can receive is excessive and damaging. Still, I believe that exposure to sunlight is healthy as long as one is realistic in their approach. I know my skin is better in the spring/summer months.
  2. I have been using MaMa lotion (Mandelic and Malic) and I have seen an improvement with blackheads. I have never had good luck with Salicylic acid.
  3. The ice cubes would not contain salt; you would find it under the cubes in a brine.
  4. Being out in the cold and catching a cold have nothing to do with each other just for your information.
  5. Uses heat to kill the bacteria causing the inflamation. Looks similar to the Zeno device, but perhaps you get more uses from it. The Zeno device requires more frequent tip replacements and is more costly.
  6. I suggest you google hard water and soft water for the correct meaning of these terms. Hardness of water refers to the amount of mineral content.
  7. Thank you for the replies. I have seen several "You cannot use BP and SA together in the regimen" posts. "May can excessive drying/irritation in some cases" is much more informative.
  8. Waaaay too much protein. How are you calculating this protein intake? Protein bars/shakes/supplements?
  9. I use DKR BP with Alpha Hydrox souffle overtop most days. (Usually don't need moisturizer) I use DKR BP with Alpha Hydrox Enhanced lotion on my back. The after stinging/redness is reduced over time/usage. When I first started my face was very red and stung like !!!!! Some nights I use Mama lotion with no BP. I wonder if I can use BP with it? (Mandelic and Malic) I would like to get away from BP at some point. I recommend the AHA with the BP it is very effective.
  10. Of the 3 parts of the Regimen, I would say that the BP is the most important part. The cleanser is just a gentle cleanser...nothing magic here. The moisturizer is to hydrate your face and hide the drying effects of the BP. If you don't have acne then why even be on the regimen? There are plenty of other products you can substitute for DKR products. Many are rated here on the site. There is even a forum here which talks of products that are easilly obtainable in Canada.
  11. Just got some but haven't tried it yet.