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  1. Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has experienced clear skin with the acne.org regime and then had acne creep back? I started using this a year ago and it worked within a few months. My skin was clear for almost a year. This past few weeks acne has been coming back and I’m wondering what’s going on. Did my face become immune the benzoyl peroxide? I’ve stopped using benzoyl peroxide as it’s been drying my face lately. I’ve tried eating cleaner and taking zinc along with vitamin D. C
  2. Hi Guys, I’ve completed my first month of the regime and I’m inpressed with the results. During week 2 I freaked out since I was breaking and peeling but eventually my skin got better. Now that I’ve finished week 4, how will I continue the regimen? Will I continue using a lot of BP daily? And when I use the AHA at night should I mix this with the BP? I’d appreciate your feedback. Thanks!