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  1. Can anybody recommend an inexpensive oil free moisturizer that is going to moisterize well with out looking greasy and has no oils, butters or bad ingredients that clog pores? My skin hates oils and breaks me out like crazy. It seems nearly every moisterizer I come across that claims to be oil free contains oils or some sort of butters. If they don't contains oils or butters they tend to be so expensive!!! Help please, I do not have a shit load of money to be spending on moisterizer. It's frustr
  2. So after researching I decided to try Grapeseed oil and clove Bud essential oil (a few drops) to treat my cystic acne as I read that clove is antibacterial, anti fungal etc, basically it can kill all germs very well. After about 3 days of using this mixture I develop what looks like a reaction on both sides of my chin. Symptoms are very dry scaly skin, itchy and very sore. And to accompany this I seemed to have broken out in more acne pustules and some deep cystic spots. I'm not sure if I'm brea
  3. Ok so after loads of in depth research i came across allot of positive reviews on using Clove Essential for acne as it's supposed to literally kill all bacterial, fungi ect. I have an oily t zone which is a nightmare everyday and so I decided to try jojoba oil as it's supposed to mimic skin sebum and reduce this and the fact it's natural as I'm fed up of using harsh chemicals on my face ( my poor face!). I purchased 10ml of jojoba oil and mixed in 5 drops of Clove oil.( Used oil for 5 days so fa
  4. Thank you so much for the advise! I will definitely give it a go. I'm actually trying Castile soap to wash my face, I do like it but I'm worried it may block my pores as it is made of oils. Also, I do like to moisterize but I can't seem to find a moisterize that won't block pores. Trying to find products for problem skin is a nightmare!
  5. I am getting constant reaccuring white pustules around sides of my nose in creases. Sometimes they clear for a day and then they come back again. I sometimes get painful pustules inside my nostrils. It gets uncomfortable to smile and I've had enough of these daily pustules appearing. Could this be staph bacteria? I'm doubting it's p.acnes bacteria and what can I use to get rid of it??? Anybody have the same problem?