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  1. I just had my period on the 13th, and now I'm starting again! It's the opposite of what most are saying on here, so I'm going to discuss this with my doctor tomorrow.
  2. EDIT CRAP. I just found the FAQ for Accutane users. This is what happens when you're blinded by a huge headache! Can a mod delete this post, please? Just started Amnesteem on Friday and my face is breaking out more like they said it would. >_> Did anyone else get a list of foods/vitamins not to eat while on the pills? I think I remember high cholesterol foods and vitamin A. I didn't think much about it since I was pretty sure those were the only two to avoid and so...I lost the list.
  3. Hey guys! I've been lurking on the accutane boards for quite a while, but I wish I didn't wait so long to consider accutane. I have really severe acne which was made worse recently by Murad and ProActive (not to mention perscription drugs as well). Which pharmacies in the US sell Accutane fairly cheap? Thanks for reading. I hope to have good results.