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  1. I am angry at the world too for charging so much $$$ for a Bacon Mushroom Melt at Wendy's. Where do they get off making me pay so much for so little.
  2. Haha. Alkaksdljkasldj, really needs someone to love him right now because I have created so much anger in his mind. I thought you weren't ever coming back asasasaksjl;k?
  3. People who are about to commit suicide don't go around telling people they are going to. It is always the quiet ones who end up doing it in the end. Not a good way to go because things always get better in the end.
  4. aksjdf, he always makes life seem so simple. Aww, so much love from him.
  5. People on this forum love me more. HAHA...
  6. Aww, I finally got my own appreciation thread. Tears are running down my eyes when I think about how much you love me.
  7. If I could turn back time, I would have gone into so many sports because of my height.
  8. Stop trying to act internet tuff. Give your fingers a rest and try typing again.
  9. You explain to them how awful your life is and how you feel like you honestly cannot go on anymore. I am sure they will start helping out.
  10. I really do need a dedication page.
  11. The worst day alive is better than any day dead.
  12. It is weird. Even when I was on accutane, no one every said anything about my skin. I think the weird looks are worse than any comment, though. I did get some of those. Oh well, my skin is good now.