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  1. thanks so much for your advice.... i know it sucks! so miserable to have bad skin! did you have any side effects when taking the birth control?
  2. my pimples has been reducing and ive been trying emu oil these few days and its made my skin extra smooth. still a bit red, but i will continue to try using to see if theres any results just hope the redness goes away...!
  3. would it be better if i tried emu oil to reduce the redness, or like the clinique redness cream line??
  4. Well, I have incredibly sensitive skin, and the aknicare has really helped clear up my acne, without irritating my face. Ask your Dermatologist first, just to make sure it would be suitable. The lotion I used did make me resemble a carrot where I put it on, becuase the liquid gave my very pale face a slight orange tinge! However, becuase your skin looks darker than mine in your photo, I would imagine it would be much less noticable. The cream I use does dry out some areas of my face, but nothi
  5. Like 2-3 months ago, I started to get these red, inflamed pimples up on my forehead. The worst thing is, it's all cluttered and it's always red which drives me nuts! I've always had pimples but NEVER THIS RED and never this much either! I went to my dermatologist and he said I've got acne vulgaris and its due to the hormones, and it's also infected. (is this true? I'm just 18 lol) So he gave me a 3 week dose of Doxycycline (100mg) to be taken once a day after a meal, and he also prescibed me so