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  1. Has anyone been using Retin A for like 6 months and realised that the skin has a bit of discolouration (slightly lighter/darker) as well as redness? I used to use it every night as directed by my derm but now I have slowly cut back and use twice a week and I use the cream with 0.05% strength. Just wondering if my skin will return to normal?
  2. Can I use MoM during the day prior to makeup application when I'm on Retin A? My skin whilst using Retin A is thinner, red and pretty sensitive!
  3. I've been doing eyebrow threading and upper lip threading for almost a year and believe me, it's the best feeling ever! At first it hurted but after continued routine it's not really painful. It's bearable like a quick sting! I've personally never tried waxing, as I heard threading is perfect for those with sensitive skin and for those using retinoids. I've always been using topical retinoids, and already been on Retin A for almost 6 months now and threading hasn't damaged my skin - although I t
  4. Hello everyone! I've been using Retin A since December last year, and now after continued use I sometimes get breakout and my skin is so sensitive and red all the time. Dryness isn't as bad as as the initial IB phase, but I feel that my whole skin has changed.. it appears thinner so whenever I apply liquid foundation without medium-heavy coverage, it tends to slip off really easily! Thus I can't do tinted moisturisers I hate using heavy coverage foundation as it could look cakey whilst buil
  5. I use Make Up For Ever's Moisturising Cleansing Cream So Divine, rub that cream gently all over my face. Then soaking the cotton wool in warm water, I gently wipe all areas of my face and you can see all that makeup, dirt and grime come all off. I normally do this process two times to get rid of ALL makeup. Then I use my regular cleanser (i.e. Froika Hyaluronic Moist Wash) to cleanse my face with lukewarm water. I then make sure all last traces of dirt and makeup are taken off by applying ton
  6. First of all, I don't think you should shave your eyebrows. Get them threaded! Also, I got a small pimple developing on my eyebrow a few days ago and I've been applying Clindamycin gel and it seems to be working, perhaps give that a try?
  7. Hey guys, I've been starting to use Zindaclin (aka Clindamycin Phosphate) gel since April this year, been applying it twice a day. However, it's been causing some redness and I've been using liquid foundation (with SPF) to give my face a more smooth complexion. However, I'm really keen on trying this new liquid foundation that's been launched by Illamasqua - however it does not contain any form of SPF. I'm just wondering whether my skin will get very sensitive to this due to no SPF protection/
  8. okay i tried doing the aspirin mask 3 days ago and it was totally fantastic! reduced the size of pimples, redness, etc. then the next night, i did it again... and by today, its been pretty drying. i think i overused the aspirin mask and i have this burning dry sensation but its not flakey at all! how long does it take to recover back to normal? won't be using this twice a week seeing that its making it very dry for me! im currently using aloe vera gel to soothe the burning dry feeling! does it
  9. ooh i just did one today for 20 mins and my face feels so rejuvenated! i think this works for my sensitive skin ;D is it too harsh to use it more than once a week?
  10. okay, well i have moderate acne. mostly papules, sometimes pustules. it's been a month since i've got off doxycycline. cos last month i was out in the sun with a friend and i had no sunscreen on me, so i had a bad rash due to photosensitivity. i haven't applied topical gels ever since 2 months ago because they were drying up my skin and making my skin red and tbh, they don't seem to clear everything up for me. so now that i'm off doxy for a month, pimples are starting to appear again - in my
  11. my dermatologist prescribed me this a couple of months ago, and he told me to apply it to the affected area (with acne) only instead of my whole face. ive actually stuck with it but later i stopped. im starting to use it again and so far its been a week and im at the initial breakout phase. was wondering if i should try applying little amount all over my face? ive always applied topical retinoids only on affected areas.. not sure if applying to the whole face would be better? thanks for any adv
  12. went to see a new dermatologist yesterday, he prescribed me 250g of Erythomycin where I have to eat 2 tablets daily, and can reduce to 1 daily if my face is a bit more clear. I have to take this for one month so hopefully I will see some improvement. (I've also been prescribed Adapalene (Differin) to apply topically at night and also Chlorpheniramine 2mg) It seems that after I take this Erythomycin tablet, my heart palpitation is a bit faster than normal - does any of you guys out here feel the
  13. hey guys.. i was wondering if any H&S shampoo would work for the bacne? I was shopping today in the supermarket n managed to get hold of H&S Sensitive Care shampoo... was wondering if its okay for bacne? i just realised that many have used Classic Clean one.. =/ dang! and which one works better? applying before showering for a few mins, or in the shower? is it okay to use a massage sponge (with the hard exfoliating part) to rub pimples on the back wif the H&S shampoo? sorry im such
  14. i dont use any styling products. i have an oily scalp and dry roots - by the end of the day, my roots get really oily, so my bangs are pretty oily too. and since im now in the UK and its really dry, i only use conditioner to moisturise the ends of my hair (not my roots as i know thats already oily!) ive had bangs all my life and ive had acne since 13 - but they were WAYYYY milder and little than what i have now :( its so sad! i dont even know whats going on! :S
  15. My regimen used to be applying Zindaclin during the day and Tretinoin at night. I've been doing that for about 6 months now, and only stopped a couple of days ago. I switched to this cream that my dermatologist prescribed me quite a longg time ago, which is called Pure Science International Clear Beauty Acne & Blemish Cream: http://www.purescienceintl.com/clearbeauty...emishcream.aspx I haven't even heard of anyone using this product so I'm rather worried. I'm not sure if I'll have to take
  16. I hope so! I consulted the nurse working at my dermatologist's clinic yesterday and they said that its red, peeling and more breakouts because its a new medicine that i'm applying in which my skin needs to adjust to. But seriously the red blotches are so yucky its making me really angry and depressed! I look so bad than before! They said it should last for a week, but I don't really trust that? I've stopped using it at the moment though.
  17. I was prescribed Dermatech ReTrieve Cream by my dermatologist 4 days ago, and I've been applying it consecutively for 3 nights, and by now it is extremely red and there are red blotches and breakouts near my nose/cheeks area as well as my forehead! I tried putting on aloe vera on but it was a bit stinging. Don't know what to do? The redness just makes me angry!! I'm going to stop using it for a while... and use Tea Tree Oil & Witchazel, hoping to calm my skin down...
  18. I went to my dermatologist a few days ago and he said to use the Panoxyl Benzoyl Peroxide Aquagel 5% that I've been prescribed for by my GP during day time, and to apply it in the pimples and bumps area on the face. However, I've had a fringe all my life and I've heard that BP can bleach hair? I was wondering what to do, because I normally go out during the day time and it would look really awkward to pull my hair back cos I've got some red marks on my forehead which still ain't cleared!! My de
  19. http://img65.imageshack.us/img65/399/dsc09203fp0ca1.jpg attached is a pic! any remedies?? im on doxy for quite a while and it always seem to not be clear. ive tried avoiding using topicals cos it makes it even more red! ive been using Boots Tea Tree & Witch hazel line recently. thanks for any advice!!!
  20. eeek it bothers me a lot! its been so long since they havent really fade off!
  21. Well I'm 18, and I have had acne ever since I was 13. However, back in December 2007, my forehead was filled with lots of red pustules and red dots/marks (which I've NEVER encountered before - it was horrible). I went to my dermatologist and he prescribed me to eat Doxy everyday, 100mg. I've been eating it from then till now and all the pustles have gone away, gradually... though my skin is smoooth (no bumps), it has these annoying red marks that won't go away. I've got Asian acne-prone and sen
  22. I just looked up the ingredients for the tea tree water toner and it says: Ingredients: Black = Safe Synthetic Green = Natural and/or Organic Tea Tree Water (Melaleuca alternifolia), Grapefruit Water (Citrus grandis), Juniperberry Water (Juniperus communis), *Limonene, Perfume, Methylparaben. *Naturally occurs in essential oils Even though it says the perfume is a safe synthetic I would be wary of it since you have sensitive skin, and it's really something unnecessary that's going on y
  23. anyone know what toner thats non-comedogenic & does not contain alcohol - in which i can purchase in the U.K.? i heard some people say lush's 'tea tree water' toner works. but i have sensitive, acne prone skin... any suggestions would be great!
  24. i was wondering if i could put very lil BP near my nose/cheek area and the area underneath my lips (not chin)? ive got a bit of small papules there, but not sure if it would be a sensitive area.
  25. ooh i see, my doctor prescribed me with PanOxyl Aquagel 5% Benzoyl Peroxide... dont think thats a cheap drugstore brand??!?! The PanOxyl should be fine. Its not a cheap drugstore brand. The problem with some of the drugstore brands is that some are not formulated properly (e.g., PH levels are incorrect) and some actually contain comedogenic ingredients. The one you are using sounds fine though. Yes, put your bangs back off your forehead, BP can bleach hair.