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  1. i am 6 months post accutane and have been 100% happy with the results...until yesterday. for a few months after treatment, i was perfect, and then i noticed cystic acne forming on my head, like under my hair, a few cysts per month. they were painful, but didn't bother me as much because i couldn't see them. as for my face, i'd get a tiny tiny zit here and there, but nothing at all to worry about. they would go completely away within 24 hours. yesterday, my first real cyst since accutane pop
  2. day 79.... looong time no write! been a little busy w/ school and work i guess. but luckily, there also has really not been much to report. like my dr predicted, im having a pretty uneventful course. im still on the 50 mg a day pills and i don think its going to get upped...i weigh like 115lbs so i guess thats a pretty normal dosage? any one else know about dosages and how they work w/ weight?! but anyway. my lips and face are dry and that rash i mentioned on the back of my arms and hands
  3. day 47!! this is reallllly starting to kick in. im sooo dry everywhere. i have those little round dry patches all over my shoulders, back, butt, hands, arms, and even my face ( im also getting a gross rash of small red bumps on my left inner elbow and on the back of my right hand. ive had some break outs that look pretty terrible. mostly on my left cheek and they are old ones that keep coming back. i also keep trying to peel the dry skin away because its so ugly and annoying, but that just
  4. DAY 37 so far everything is going great on my new dosage. i really have nothing to complain about. maybe my body has just not adjusted yet to the higher dose of pills, but i dont seem to be too much drier or anything! thats it for now, ill update when something interesting happnes...
  5. DAY ?? so i dont really know what day im on, as i havent taken any pills since friday! i went to the pharm on sat to get my new packs of pills, but the pharm. said that for some reason, my doc only wrote my rx for 20 20mg pills...im supposed to get 30 30mg and 30 20mg so i can take 50mg a day. so i had to call him and talk to him about it, but of course hes not returning my call. it was really frustrating me and stressing me out, but im just not going to worry about it. what can i do? its
  6. day 29! well, i will have taken 29 pills after tonight anyway. so i went to the derm and got my dosage bumped to 50 mg a day instead of 20. WOO HOO! anyone else on this dosage? i didn't realize that it was done by weight, but doc said that 50 was the highest i would go. interesting. i hope it all goes well. i'm reallyyyy excited. i feel like i havent REALLY been on accutane the past month because i havent had many side effects. one month down, 4 to go!!
  7. i SUCK! i should be taking my last pill tonight. but i forgot last night. ive been working crazy hours this week and keep falling asleep and forgetting to take my BCP and my accutane! eeek! tomorrow my dosage is upped...hopefully anyway. if i can make it through the snow we're supposed to get and my liver isnt inflamed from last weekend's little binge. im really excited to go to the derm even though i know ill prob be miserable with an IB in a couple weeks. oh well. i just want to se
  8. day 26 (should be 28) i screwed up this weekend and didnt take either of my pills. friday i had been drinking and felt a little like i was going to puke and i didnt want to waste a pill if i was just goign to puke it up, so i skipped it...and, doing the exact opposite of what my doctor said, i drank again all day saturday (the weekend before my bloodwork). because i hadnt eaten at all that day, i really didnt think taking a pill on a full stomach of beer would be a good choice. but i started
  9. day 21 thanks for writing rian! its so nice to finally hear from someone who has my strange type of acne...random HUGE cysts and pretty average skin the rest of the time. are you on accutane now or have you finished treatment? so im starting i guess my third week of accutane. i really have nothing much to complain about. my skin was really clear this weekend so i have been happy about that, but yesterday two mini zits popped up by my mouth. i dont really mind them because they are easy to
  10. hey! its so interesting to see your progress, we're about on the same track (im on day 21 today) and same age. the acne that you posted in your last pictures looks a little like some of the cysts ive gotten...i know how painful they can be! good luck with everything! also, i was wondering what dosage your dr. has you on? i started at 20 mg a day so i havent been having too too many side effects! keep us posted : o ) andrea
  11. day...16 so now that i have time i thought id give a real update and possibly some pictures if i can bring myself to show my disgusting, dry, zitty face actually, im exaggerating, its really not that bad but i feel so nasty. like i said yesterday, im peeling like crazy, but i know its only going to get worse. not like i didnt expect this, but im just frustrated because it makes wearing makeup very hard. this is annoying because of my break outs. id realllly like to cover them up, but i g
  12. day 15...i think i dont have much time, but i wanted to write a quick note to update my progress... DRY DRY DRY! i have never been so dry in my life! what the heck! i didnt know it was possible for so much of my skin to flake off. my face feels like sand paper. gross. my eyes are red and dry and my lips are also falling off. jeez. i just got cetaphil moisturizer so hopefully that will work. im also almost done my first tube of aquaphor. i LOVE that stuff. ill probably add some pictu
  13. DAY 9 so not much new to report...i think that my low dose is the reason, but ive hardly had any side effects! cant complain about that. ive noticed some dryness around my nose and mouth and definitely my lips, but thats really it. sometimes ill wake up in the middle of the night really thirsty, but thats not too bad either. also, the day after i started taking accutane, i came down with a really bad chest cold and cough. my back and neck were achy all weekend, but i think that can be attr