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  1. I started the Regimen using the moisterizer but it just made my face more oily. I haven't been using the moisterizer for couple of months and my skin is not dry. I guess it's different for everyone, that's why there is no cure for it. I'm so glad i found DKR though, i have no active pimple just some scars and red marks from previous ones. It truly is a micracle.
  2. Thank you for everyone tips. I tried them but still can't swallow the pills today. From what i read, I guess it's ok to chew them before swallowing. I tried and tried, drinking over 5 cups of water with still no luck. I hope i will get used to the taste of that zinc pill.
  3. Hello Everyone, I been on the DK regimen for several weeks now and I can actually see a big improvement. I was just surfing these message boards and I read that it's better to stop acne on the outside and inside. So I just recieved my order from drugstore.com. I got One-a-Day, Zinc, and Omega 3 Eversince since i was young, I have never been able to swallow a pill successfully. Sometime after many attempts i finally get one. I go through such a big ordeal trying to get one dow
  4. turning 26 this april and been suffering from acne since 7th grade
  5. My face starting to get dry. Day 16 Feb 13 Front Feb 3 Left Feb 3 Right
  6. I can see most of my acne are now flat. Mostly just the redness that i will just have to wait until it fade away. So far i'm impressed by the regimen. How kind of acne do i have? Day 8 Jan 27 Front Jan 27 Right Jan 27 Left
  7. modestGuy


    DK Regimen Progress
  8. Hi Everyone, I been having acne for as long as i can remember. Instead of having it dominating my life, i want to be in control of it. hehe. Every week, i'm going to start posting pics of my face. Just curious, from the pics, what kind of acne do i have? Wish me good luck! This is with the DK's cleanser, DK BP, and DK moisterizer. Jan 19 Front Side Jan 19 Left Side Jan 19 Right Side