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  1. I really like Balea dry/sensitive skin in the pink tube, it removes makeup well and is moisturizing. It's DM's and Mueller's generic/Eigenmarke. They also have an oily skin version which I haven't tried. All DM generic cleansers are amazingly cheap, something like a Euro. Just be sure not to use anything that's bar soap!
  2. Does anyone know how BP works? Is it true about the oxygen molecules?
  3. I noticed that Dan's moisturizer doesn't have antioxidants. Is this so as not to counteract with BP? I'm wondering if I have to use a plain moisturizer on the regimen, or if I can use one with antioxidants. Is it true that BP works by releasing oxygen molecules into the pores to kill the bacteria inside? If so, wouldn't applying antioxidants on top "kill" those oxygen molecules? Seems logical, but I've never seen a warning anywhere that you shouldn't use them together. Or does BP work i
  4. Brandi and others using Olay, which one do you mean? Drugstore has 4 products called Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin: Complete All Day UV Defense Moisture Lotion (white bottle, black flip-top cap) Complete Defense Daily UV Moisturizer (white bottle, yellow pump top) Complete All Day Moisture Lotion SPF 15 (white bottle, black flip-top cap) Complete All Day Moisture Cream SPF 15 (white jar, black screw top) All four are labled for sensitive skin. So which one do you recommend? Thanks!
  5. I use Cordes BPO 3 from the Apotheke. My local Apo always tries to sell me the 5% version because that's the one they always have in stock, but I persist and always have them order the 3%. There are lots of BPO gels and cremes that you can buy in Apotheken, but Cordes is by far the best. It has a grand total of 5 ingredients: BPO 3% Propylenglycol 10% Carbomer Natriumhydroxid Water A lot of similar brands either contain alcohol (too irritating) or, inexplicably, pore-clogging ingredients.
  6. That's why I had a salad with my pizza, silly.
  7. Oh, yes. But it depends on the meal. I remember when I was in high school I would have very very oily skin right after lunch. So bad that when I blotted my chin with a napkin it soaked through the first layer. Unfortunately back then I ate all the junk the cafeteria served up - pizza, hamburgers, fries, "fruit cups", cheesy fries, you name it. Now that I eat healthier (fiber sources like cabbage or oatmeal or greens with every meal, no ridiculous amounts of sugar, less dairy) the problem is
  8. That's how I got it prescribed, too. My acne is by no means severe, more like mild but very, very inflamed (2-3 large, red, painful whiteheads at a time), so I was just counting on some Retin-A. I told the derm I that I have a bunch of job interviews coming up in the summer, and he prescribed me accutane with the promise that the ib will be over by the time they start! He is awesome.
  9. The advantage to doing accutane at a holistic doctor is that he would give you advice about what to eat on it, and what supplements would make the side effects more tolerable. I've been on accutane (I don't get cysts anymore, just whiteheads, so it worked), and all advice I got from my derm was, "take with an oily meal, no hard alcohol, wine and beer is ok, come in once a month for a blood test". I had to figure the rest out myself. He'll hopefully also give you some advice on getting your li
  10. Organic is usually expensive, true. But she buys "top-of-the-line" synthetic things. At the discount store there are lots of different brands including generics, and she always goes for the brand name, so she is actually spending maybe only 10% less, sometimes the same. She buys Mesmer tee which costs 1.69 for 20 teabags, I buy Lebensbaum tee which costs 2 Euros for 25, so it's pretty much the same. Too bad if she believes in it or not. It's your food, you bought it, it came out of you
  11. Grade 1 is at least 25 leasions on one side of the face? What do they mean by lesions? Do blackheads count? What about pores with "gunk" in them that aren't inflamed? 25 sounds like an awful lot. Alfi
  12. I'm very frustrated with my housemate. She is a very nice person, but her kitchen habits annoy me to no end. She loves everything processed. Think sweetened yoghurt with sweetened flakes, cream cheese with flavoring, pre-sliced American-style white bread, pre-cooked frozen filled "baguettes", frozen pizza, etc. Which wouldn't bother me, everyone can eat whatever they want to, but she is also lazy and when she runs out of food, so she "borrows" from me. And then in place of my organic pa
  13. I've used GNC taurine and now I use a powder from Fagron. I can recommend both. I'm sure other people can recommend you some more brands. B5 and taurine won't work together. You have to take taurine with a multi-B vitamin, because it needs B6 to work, and B6 needs the other Bs. Megadosing on B5 while taking taurine would cause a defficiency in all other B-vitamins, and taurine wouldn't even work because you wouldn't be adding any B6. If you want to add another supplement, go for fish o
  14. I don't know how sensitive you are, but fructose in fruit doesn't break me out. Added sugar anywhere else (dark chocolate, herring, yoghurt) almost always does. I think that the fiber in fruit somehow balances out the bad effects of fructose. And I am talking about actual fruit, not fruit juice. Fruit juice is bad news for me.