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  1. i was wondering..maybe towels are giving me inflamed acne..so i was wondering how letting my face airdry would work?
  2. not to sound rude but in all honesty. who the hell cares..your DEAD..having clear skin while being dead? what good will that do you?
  3. honestly..im someone who gets aggravated really quick but im at work and try to keep cool..so when she kept being annoying,it was embarrassing enough and i was just like fine bitch..but im so pissed rite now that its not even funny..
  4. is lukewarm..pretty much colder water..like more cold than hot?
  5. well today at work..while im doing something she fucking says let me pop your pimples..shes doing this for a while and i get aggravated and say fuck it go ahead.she sits me down in the back and starts popping all my pimples including the cysts i have that were not ready to be popped..it was the most embarrassing thing ive ever had to go through..even my co-worker were like eww shes popping his pimples..now my face is red and nasty..im so fucking pissed im never showing up to work again fuck that
  6. long story short..i started cleaning with just cold water and got good results..the very recently i started using real hot water..for a little bit i was doing good but for the last week or so ive been getting cysts again like i used to a long time ago..could this be contributed to the hot water? im talking hot like steam hot leave your face red hot,hard to breath hot.but i think im going to just use luke warm water maybe thats better for me..thank you
  7. i remember a time when i was watching tv with my little cousin.he was about 5 or so at the time problably less.and a proactive comercial comes on and they say the words pimples and he turns and looks at me and says "hey you have pimples" and pointed at my face..i was like yeap i do..i mean theyre little kids they dont know any better i guess..but still its sad that a kid said that to me.
  8. so i was wondering,when i shower, is it better to let cold water to clean my face or hot water to clean my face?..thank you
  9. so im a guy pretty much..and dont like my chest/stomach hair..i trim it with a very high quality hair trimmer,but obviously theres still like little hairs, not bad and alot better than a hairy chest but id rather nothing..shaving with a razor hurts and gives me bumps..now lol dont go thinking im a hairy like ape or something,nothing like that..and most would be like your chest hair looks fine,cause its really not that much..but i still prefer the clean look and it shows off my figuere better.so
  10. who cares if it hurts..women have to deal with it dont tell me you cant? im about to start waxing my chest and stomach actuall...a little pain is do able..your making it seem as if its going to be the most painful thing ever