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    Interested in natural skin care for sensitive skin as i have sensitive skin and suffer from Acne. Believes that we should have the knowledge to create natural skin care products for ourselves and learn how to read ingredient labels
  1. I tried this before and i feel that it also serves as an astringent too as my face feels tightened. But i can't stand the medicated smell though and since have stopped using it.
  2. I think this should be used sparingly as steroids have been known to thin the skin, making your skin more vulnerable to irritants to skin care products.
  3. Mine is more like hyperpigmentation. Been trying to get rid of the scars due to the hyperpigmentation. Any suggestion. I saw one post why mentions applying a 10% BP wash on the back but i think it will hurt terribly. Ouch.
  4. I guess SA works really slowly and it will take some time before we actually see the benefits. I had tried aspirin mask and using the same concept, tried to apply the aspirin mask on my back but i found it too troublesome. If you don't find it a chore, you might want to try it though. It actually reduces the pimples on my back.
  5. I have oily skin and my back is especially oily and i suffer from very bad back scarring. What i do now is to curb new production of acne pimples on my back by using charcoal soap on my back. It's known to detoxify skin so i am currently using that now. So far, i really think that my back is not as oily anymore and pimple formation is lowered. Hope this helps.
  6. Aloe Vera is more for soothing of the skin, especially so for Rosacea, since sunlight exposure has been known to be a trigger in many Rosacea sufferers. I guess the main benefit of Aloe Vera is to calm the skin, since the skin has been exposured to so many stimuli.
  7. Thxs for the idea. I will try using this as a toner. I am always on the look out for natural skin care products.
  8. Oh yeah, i have this. And when i poke the zits on my scalp, pus even came out. Very gross, i know. But i guess it's because i have oily scalp. What i did was just to wash my hair more often. And yeah, i have a thing about natural skin care and i rub some apple cider vinegar onto my scalp and it works pretty well.
  9. Moisturizing is important, even for oily skin. It's just a matter of choosing the suitable moisturiser for yourself.
  10. Yeah, i find scrubs really irritating to my skin. Hence i try to avoid them as much as i can. I am trying to avoid creating a over-sensitive skin in a quest to solve my acne problems. Am now turning to natural skin care regime and reuce the amount of chemical side effects to my skin. So far, working well.
  11. I prefer SA. In fact, i make my own aspirin mask for this purpose. Aspirin mask works great and it's cheap. Love it.
  12. Why not go easy on the medications and try some natural skin care products. It seems like your skin has become very sensitive after all the years of harsh chemicals being applied onto the skin. I guess some natural skin care regime might help soothe the irritated skin, which actually happens to many people, including me. You might wish to visit my blog http://skincarepolice.com for more natural skin care tips.
  13. Hmm, interesting. I try a low-carb diet mainly for cutting down on my weight, but i didn't know that it can help clear up acne? One more reason for low-carb diet. However, seriously, i am struggling with low-carb diet. I get so sick of the same kind of food that i get to eat that it's pretty depressing.
  14. I guess it really boils down to your skin type. If it's too oily, three times may be fine but if it's already dry, overwashing can actually strip your skin of natural oil and moisture, which can be really bad for the skin.
  15. I guess actively moisturising your face can be helpful for long flights. However, do take note that over-moisturising can be detrimental to the skin as the skin can be too oily and results in even more breakouts. So i guess there's balance to be struck.