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  1. My opinion only, I'm sure there are others on here with more experience: you only need one face wash at a time, don't wash with both. Either choose one to use or use one at night and one in the morning. You might find you like one better than the other anyway. The moisturizer would be the very last thing you put on. I'm not familiar with the prescription you have so I don't know if it's a good idea to use the face wipes along with the perscription cream. Plus, facewash, face wipes, cream, moistu
  2. I would say it wouldn't clog your pores...but I'm no expert so don't take my word for it. Are you thinking the moisturizer would clog your pores?
  3. When I was on Alesse I had pimples here and there, but I'm quite acne prone in general. I went off it for a few months and broke out horribly. So I started on Diane 35 in January and my acne got worse and is only now starting to get better (but nowhere near clear!). I think every woman is different and one pill works great for one person and not for another. Sorry if that wasn't much of a help...
  4. This happened to me too!! I was on Alesse for about 7 years and stopped taking it in July. In December I started breaking out on my chin...now I have it all over my chin, jawline, and a bit on my forhead. I have never in my life had acne this bad before. It's awful. So in January I started taking Daine 35 (birth control pill). It's supposed to be good for clearing up acne. My face got even worse after I started taking that. I then started on antibiotics and am waiting for an appointment with a d
  5. hi, sorry to hear that your feeling depressed. i've been there before, and kind of still am because of my acne. i have been on medication for depression/anxiety and it really helped me a lot. i know a lot of people don't want to go to that extreme, but if you aren't feeling well and you really don't want to stop the brith control then it might be something to look in to. i don't want to recommend antidepressents lightly, so i'd do some research first. also, you could try going to talk to a preof
  6. oh i didnt no i could take antibiotics i might go on antibiotics for a few months then come off dianette after iv been on them for a month or two! thanks for lettin me know that:) ye i wudnt say its helped me at all... its made my skin tone much worse too and i have more active acne... can i aks what antibiotics ur on?? and also.. are the antibiotics less effective if ther taken with the dianette. im not currently using the pill for contraceptive so its all good. thanks for ur reply .rely helped
  7. Ya, I'm now on Diane and tetracycline. I've been on the antibiotics for almost 3 weeks. Slight improvement, but not tons. How long did it take for yours to work??
  8. I've been on Diane 35 (same thing) for 2 months and I have only now started to see some improvement. I believe the improvement is from the antibiotics and the skin care products I'm using though. So like you Diane hasn't helped me. I have heard a lot of people say it can take 5 or more months to work though. So if you are really sick of it then I would say switch. If your face is already breaking out then it probably won't matter if the Diane is going to cause some break outs when you get off
  9. Awesome! I'm so jealous, haha, but really happy for you. It gives other hope, thanks for sharing!
  10. The Spa I went to sells the Dermed products, but I looked them up online and it seems as though you can order them online as well. Here is their website: http://www.idermed.com/
  11. Ok, so I have had pretty bad acne for the past couple months. It just kind of appeared all of a sudden. Go check out my pics from a few weeks ago (just click on my name and go to my page or whatever, you should find them). So I have tried everything : the regimen, Salicylic acid, moistureizing, not moisturizing, switched moiturizers, switched cleansers, I tried using nothing for a while, I'm on Diane 35 (2 months) and oral antibiotics (2 weeks), i tried clindamycin cream, i used asprin masks as
  12. I see your point. I tend to believe in the power of positive thinking and all that, although it's hard to keep up when you are so unhappy with your face. But I know what you mean and I think it could work in some cases...
  13. that sucks i'm sorry to hear about your dr's mistake. i'm ashamed on my acne too, but i find there are a lot of helpful people on these message boards. your not alone!