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  1. hi suitefox, I have been doing a lot of research as well. the key to good skin is clean pores. I would agree with you about AHA/BHA. I am using Nu Skin pure cleansing gel for almost a week now and it has dried up my existing pimples quite fast. the main ingredient there is the papaya enzyme and lemon extract which i believe are some kind of AHAs. however, there are stil the marks and once in a while 3 to 5 small new once come up. i guess it is still to early to be expecting dramatic res
  2. Exercise does not harm you, it is very good for the body as well as for the skin. It makes the heart pump faster to make better blood circulation. Fresh blood to the skin means better oxygen supply plus the nutrients. It's the glycolic acid that is causing your breakouts. You would know if any topical is accepted by your skin the minute you apply it. It should not sting or make your skin inflamed. Hope this info helps.
  3. Hi Anon1, I strongly agree with you. Our body is 70% water and so is the earth. Dry skin is like a parched land wherein you will see cracks. These cracks are similar to minute wounds on the skin wherein bacteria and harmful elements enter which start an infection or pimple. Rehydrating your skin as much as you can will eventually heal it from breakouts. Two years ago, I was using moisturizers in the morning and bedtime. I was really glad and surprised that my skin cleared up. But be
  4. Hi Eddie, According to my last derma, it will take an average of 15 minutes for any skin medication to be absorbed by the skin. So if you take your shower after an hour of working out, chances are your topical medication is already in your skin doing its job. As for sunscreen, i am not really sure but logically it should not affect the efficacy of the DK products and the sunscreen should be the last application. Hope these help. Martin
  5. hi I'm a guy from Manila and really new here. I will be turning 43 this June. I have started getting breakouts again last year. I used to have acne all over my face but it has receded except the mouth and chin area. I have seen so many dermas and was hoping the last one could have helped me but it lasted only for a few months. now, i just use a moisturizing milk soap to cleanse my face and just allow the zits to heal by itself. I have given up using so many stuff because it only delays