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  1. Joe Zit - I appreciate what you're trying to say this time round, but unfortunately I will have to selfishly decline. It's upsetting enough that I'm back here again, and I have no interest in becoming a research subject nor writing a thesis about something that I have a vested interest in purely because it brings me down. I got the vibe that you thought I was some anti-masturbation freak, and just want to rectify that I am not - I think it is great, and if not for the resultant acne flare ups,
  2. I came here for some support and advice, not an argument. I cannot believe some people. I have been in the acne game for long enough to work out what sets off acne in my body. If you don't agree then that is a product of your own delusion. I am not saying masturbation is bad, and I'm not telling people not to do it - it actually sucks to be me because I get acne as a result of doing something that is natural, normal, and feels great. Wake up and realise that not everything is certain, not ever
  3. I'm returning here after a long time... unfortunately with the same problem, under new circumstances. Cystic acne. I actually spent a couple of years keeping things relatively well under control (uni life meant plenty of sleep, 10 - 11 hours even if I went to bed well past midnight). I ran the regimen for a couple of years at first, and then managed to keep things under control without a heavy need for BP. I have a feeling it stopped working after that unfortunately, perhaps my skin got used to
  4. I made the lifestyle changes fairly soon after starting the regimen. I mean honestly, it's difficult to do that stuff religiously and still live a normal life - so my advice is just try to do it MOST of the time. At the start it might seem like you're working hard but eventually you realise you just have to work smart. Try to stay out of direct sunlight where possible, try to get as much sleep as you can, try not to stay out late (drinking etc) too often... and same with junk food. If you make
  5. Just dropping in here (I haven't posted in a while) to say thanks, and for those with acne, keep at it. One thing I noticed when I was posting here was that no one came back and said "okay, I'm good now" so I was pretty worried how my acne would go in the long term. Well, I had moderate cystic acne (have had it for a long time, but it was horrible at the start of this year)... but thanks to this site I have been relatively clear for the last few months. I currently have 0 active pimples. I foll
  6. I've had nothing but bad experiences with sunscreen so I've chosen to avoid it completely. Might sound bad, but I take steps to limit sun exposure as much as possible (go out only at night where possible, use sunglasses and sun-shades when in my car as well as my hands to stop sun hitting my face directly, etc). I have darker skin so am probably not as sensitive to the sun to begin with, but yeah - I got sick of breaking out due to SPF products long ago, my current regimen avoids it and I'm see
  7. I use it on my eyebrow area twice daily and so far no bleaching (I've black hair too). I'm using PanOxyl Acnegel BP 2.5, and have honestly noticed it doesn't bleach much at all very easily, some people on here have big whines about clothes etc... I'm not very careful (often wipe my fingers on my clothes after doing the regimen) and nothing really seems to get affected. One towel has been getting bleached (probably lousy dye) but that's the only thing I've noticed it happening to, in 3+ years of
  8. What about depletion of zinc? Does anyone know how many mg worth is lost in a load (on average). Personally I have noticed a link between excessive masturbation and increase in acne - I am not sure if it's due to resultant hormonal changes, dehydration, or zinc (and/or other mineral) depletion. But I think you'd be blind to write off the possibility of a connection.
  9. Your log is a good self control motivator if nothing else. To keep my acne under control I've had to do a lot of what you've listed on top of the DKR (unfortunately without that, I'm covered in acne). It's so hard to get the right amount of sleep, relax, avoid fatty foods, say no to chocolate, etc... but boy is it worth it when you do. Good luck with it!
  10. sunday

    Vitamin A

    Can someone knowledgeable on the subject explain the difference between artificial and natural sources of vitamin A in relation to the terms "used as necessary"? If natural sources, ie. beta carotene (carrots, pumpkin, etc) are stored in the body and only converted to vitamin A as needed, does this mean that eating more doesn't actually force your body to use more? Seems a little pointless to increase natural vitamin A consumption if usage doesn't go up as well. And in comparison, are artifici
  11. Unfortunately my skin is only clear when I'm following the regimen (plus everything else I mentioned) religiously. If I slip up on just one aspect (eg. lose sleep, eat fatty foods) for a day or two, I break out. If I stopped doing everything I do my acne would probably classify as moderate to severe (w/2-4 cysts at a given time) and leave me a viable accutane candidate. Speaking to my doctor/derm won't achieve anything... I'm not sure if they're the same everywhere or not, but solving the acne
  12. So I have cystic acne. I've been following the DKR regimen almost religiously, taking supplements of a, c, omg3, zinc... and following a strict diet of fish / rice / vitamin-a rich vegetables (carrot/pumpkin only). Drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day, trying to sleep well (hard!), stopped intake of caffeine and alcohol entirely. When I do all that, my face is clear, occasionally crystal clear. I still get the occasional cyst (usually big and angry) but apart from that... clearer than I've e
  13. I saw pretty well complete results within a month. 1st week = initial breakout started 2nd week = problem areas clearing, other areas breaking out 3rd week = other breakouts resolving, problem areas clear 4th week = pretty well clear I've been watching my diet plus taking supplements (zinc, omega3, c, a) and if I slip up on any aspects (including following the DKR religiously) then I will have new pimples forming. Losing sleep, excessive stress, perspiration, irritation (helmet use, what have
  14. Yep BP, just the usual 2.5%. I've had it get rid of even the biggest cysts (usually takes 2-4 days depending on size), you just have to be patient and gentle. Do the regimen as usual, and just use a little extra on the cystic areas. Make sure you allow it to absorb completely by massaging it in, but you don't want to irritate it so you have to be super gentle (barely pushing on it). So basically time is the main factor. Apart from that, you can spot treat it once (again gently, and just with
  15. Yeah that's scary. Theoretically it shouldn't happen because BP works by oxygenating the skin, which creates an environment where the bacteria can't thrive in. I believe that the bacteria can't develop a resistance to this oxygenating (which is very general) unlike say antibiotics. But that's just what Dan's said and I think some of what he says is at least questionable when reading other sources of information. You could just be at a point in your life where your acne is changing, or the chan
  16. Well I've seen it asked here before but never an answer. I can only hope that the people on the regimen who naturally outgrew acne just stopped posting, but that's not being realistic... you'd at least hear stories, but so far I've read nothing. I'm worried that by following the regimen I may be delaying or preventing myself from growing out of my acne naturally... I know there's nothing out there to suggest this is true (that I've seen at least) but I haven't seen anything to prove that it ISN
  17. rg1223 - A full finger's worth is way too much. You should be able to manage your whole face with 2-3 small pumps. I use 1 each for the left and right side of my face, 1 small pump for my forehead area, 1 even smaller pump for my chin. Full deep pumps dispense much more product, but to give you an idea, 2-3 pea size amounts should be all you're using. The product works well but it's a little harsh (7-8% AHA I believe, which is a lot for a twice-daily full-face moisturiser) so using the minimum
  18. A bar? whoa... Try a gel (that's what's recommended if you are following the regimen correctly). Panoxyl does a product called Acnegel 2.5% that works brilliantly with the regimen.
  19. Go to a dermatologist. You'll get Accutane straight away if you've already tried two types of antibiotics and were unhappy with the results. Accutane is called Roaccutane here in Australia. But make sure you read up on the side effects carefully, as it DOES fuck with your body and in no small way. Plenty of physical and mental side effects go with the pretty face you'll (hopefully) wind up with at the end of it. Can I ask how many cysts you have at a given time? Cysts = large painful bumps. The
  20. Bigger than your eye?! Get it looked at by a doctor ASAP. If it is acne, it's a cyst... basically a more inflamed nodule (nodule = smaller).
  21. I just read your sig by the way... now I'm not sure if you tried the regimen properly (ie. to the dot, as per videos) before changing over to your current layout, but if you haven't I'd strongly advise trying it. 10% BP is too strong, and just spot treating pimples does nothing for prevention. On the other hand, dan's method of using large amounts of 2.5% on all problem areas every ~12 hours and spending the time required to make it absorb thoroughly gives you excellent protection against break
  22. Antibiotics are stupid, they don't offer a long term solution and you'll eventually become resistant to them. So apart from (maybe) helping short-term and reducing scarring, they aren't doing you any good - and you've also got the side effects, ie. hypersensitivity to the sun, teeth staining (read the reviews here) etc. I didn't have any problems with my stomach while on doxy but I didn't find it helped my acne all that much either. Prescribing doxy while mino is still working seems stupid to m
  23. Well I've got cystic acne, my face is actually relatively clear these days by following the regimen to the dot, and I've managed to cope with the occasional cyst with lots of BP spot treating and then careful moisturising with an AHA/BHA product to reduce scarring. I can get a cyst to go down in 2-3 days by icing it gently, and the aforementioned BP. But this week I've got two nodules, one on each cheek - and they don't seem to have done anything in about three days. They seem to be unlike cyst