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  1. hey what do you apply first clindamycin or benzoyl peroxide?
  2. Yep wet your face not the hands, I don't rub my hands together either, only need to use 1-2 pumps
  3. recommendations for proactive are the worst, really this site should blast proactive more for being the way overpriced marketing gimmick that it is
  4. Depends what cleanser your using. Before I was using Dan's cleanser I used the cetaphil one which is pretty transparent and appears to soak in a bit if left for a while, however it never felt irritating and was still much better than standard shaving cream, felt pretty good actually I guess just shave as soon as you apply the cleanser, shouldn't soak in much, as long as it doesn't feel irritating it should be fine.
  5. The shipping prices seem pretty good to me, especially with a ~470ml bottle of BP being shipped international at about $15, $50 all up(BP price plus postage/handling) In Australia the largest size BP is 50g costing anywhere from $12 to $20, so I am saving at least $50 on buying a better quality BP anyway. There's no tax for anything under $1000 and the aussie dollar is almost at parity with the US dollar now so it is more than worth it. One question I have is why the much cheaper first class
  6. Thanks for the response. I will probably stay with the standard cetaphil cleanser, perhaps try the cetaphil cleanser for oily skin, but try to get an oil free moisturizer as the cetaphil moisturizer is pretty thick and shiny and might clog my pores as it is specially for dry skin types. I will probably keep ordering Dan's BP as it still works out much cheaper even with shipping to Australia as the largest tube here is Benzac AC 50 gram.(especially as the Aussie dollar is now worth about the same
  7. Hello, I have ordered Dan's big kit, and want to know if it is suitable for oily skin? I have been using cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer but recently noticied that there is now a cetaphil cleanser for oily skin type. I have been told that using the cetaphil moisturizer which says it is for dry skin can make things worse if you are an oily skin type. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much of a supply for cleansers and moisturizers for oily skin types. So again Dan's cleanser and moistu
  8. "Also i noticed that white ppl whose origin is northern countries but are born or live in warmer climates get acne" Intrigued by this comment as my family moved from UK to Australia. Im the only one who was born in australia, no one else in my family had any acne problem at all. In my family the quality of skin seems to get worse as you go down the ages to me who is the youngest. I would have to say from my experience that the darker your skin is the less likely you are to have bad acne. From
  9. I dont think i will be able to stop applying BP to those areas as both the area around my nose and the corners of my mouth were problem acne areas and both are now acne free after applying BP regularly i didnt know bp caused wrinkles?
  10. Hey all, i started using BP a month or so ago and it has worked rather well, i dont really follow the regimen that strictly: i dont wait 5mins after wash to apply bp, dont apply moisturiser after bp as it reacts badly burning my face. However recently i have had a spate of blood noses the past week or so. At first my nose started bleeding when i splashed water up my nose when cleansing with cetaphil. Now however my nose has started bleeding at any moment. The last couple of weeks i had been app