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  1. acne_skin_queen

    What is the best treatment for this type of scarring?

    Where I’m at currently. Will be getting vascular laser on Wednesday. Taking a short break from peels and needling after that. Looking at a possible cross & resurfacing peel or laser in Autumn/Winter 19.
  2. acne_skin_queen

    I'm desperate.

    I do not see much active acne on your face, just red marks. The marks may take some time to fade. By the time you finish your isotretinoin course the marks will have faded a lot. For some people it can take over a year for the red marks to disappear.
  3. acne_skin_queen

    Long battle, going to Pr.Chu, your help needed

    That all sounds very distressing, my sympathies to you. Maybe Chu is not the right doctor for you. If he is not listening to your concerns about dermapen then stop. You are paying him to help fix your skin, if you don't like the dermapen you really don't have to do it - especially if you think it's making the condition of your skin worse? Perhaps because your skin is so delicate you should take a short break from treating it? This must be very frustrating for you. There's always
  4. Wow, all things considered that area is looking pretty good, with very little visible damage! Good job you were able to discover what was going wrong quickly. There was a similar situation posted on Instagram where another clinic had to do a rescue job on a poor lady, she had to have several sessions in a hyperbaric chamber to help fix it. I would have been ing myself.
  5. Sure, there are other derms in Europe, but if they are actually any good (and have proven results) with manual scar treatments is another matter. There is however an undeniable shortage of derms in general in the UK as a whole. Article on Lack of UK Derms Chu and Emil are recommended as many posters have had positive results under their care. Firas Al-Niaimi is another known dr that does subcision etc but he is incredibly expensive and as such there have not been many reviews on him here.Th
  6. acne_skin_queen

    What is the best treatment for this type of scarring?

    Today has been tough. I saw my scars in some incredibly awful lighting. I mean it was just...compared to the lights in my normal bathroom this was something else haha. Could almost be a dodgy before and after spa med advert! Those scars look pretty deep to me? I have a lot of weird jagged wiggly line scars, that I’m not sure dermastamping can help. I’ve never bothered to post my left side as a I wasn’t concerned about it before. The scars on my left cheek looks like they could be
  7. Yes that’s a valid point, many of us on these boards do not have vast disposable incomes. However, it is still interesting to see what those with incomes beyond the norm have been able to do? Or perhaps even what they haven’t been able to achieve despite their bundles of cash, no?
  8. No bubble to burst mate. We’re all more than aware of photoshop (even on supposed candids) and frame by frame editing for film. Do you know that nowadays some actresses have a 3-wrinkle clause in their contracts? If a shot requires a close up of them smiling, some actresses will allow just 3 laugh lines to remain in the shot, all the others must be removed digitally in post production. But plenty of celebs do get procedures, that do improve their scarring. Which is what I think we are inte
  9. Her scars are really not so obvious anymore, that picture from last year is the most apparent they’ve been, maybe repeated HA or Bellafill since then? My big question though is which Dr did the TCA Cross on Megan Fox, they did a pretty good job at shallowing them out! Needless to say she was considered one of the hottest women in the world even when she had a couple of very minor ice picks. Goes to show the general populace doesn’t even register/see acne scars half the time.
  10. acne_skin_queen

    What is the best treatment for this type of scarring?

    So it’s been 4ish weeks since my dermastamp session. Photos taken in v. unflattering light to highlight uneven texture. It does not look like this in real life or at least I hope not haha! A little progress in softening of scars. The larger z shaped scar on the far left seems to have split in to two different scars, oddly one is now a boxcar? Not sure if I will get time to do another medium peel in Feb as I have bitten the bullet and booked v-beam. Life looking much brighter and will continue de
  11. Most GPs in the UK are crap at Derm. They just aren’t specialized in it. In the meantime BA is correct you can go to either Boots or Lloyds Pharmacy online acne clinic and do a free online consultation. Not 100% sure if they do accutane but they certainly can prescribe everything else - bcp, antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, tret etc.
  12. acne_skin_queen

    Acne Scarring 2018 - 2019

    Wow £350! I guess because he doesn’t do laser he doesn’t have any massive overheads to pay off and therefore he can afford to give the patient a decent price per treatment? You see them offering just PRP and dermapen for the same price in some medspas in London. I’m sure you feel more relaxed for seeing him and now that you have a plan of action in place.
  13. acne_skin_queen

    Anyone have experience / knowledge on scars over hair?

    While it’s not real hair, eyebrow micro blading can look very realistic. It would be very easy and not too expensive to fill that gap.
  14. acne_skin_queen

    Subsicion, PRP, Dermapen, TCA cross for acne scars

    Yeah the Ordinary 30% aha peeling solution might be a good place to start. You can get it on Cult Beauty and I think maybe even ASOS in the UK? If you want something with almost 0 downtime start with that. In my experience, it’s not very strong, more of a chemical exfoliant than a full on peel. My skin just looks a tiny bit dry and flaky the next day. It’s very cheap (£6 a bottle?). If you want to peel weekly I wouldn’t suggest anything stronger than that. Start with a weak acid and see how your
  15. acne_skin_queen

    What Acne Scar Treatments Should I Get?

    You are very attractive already! Im sure we will all wait eagerly to see your update on your sub + filler once it has settled. A little positive thinking is in order. Yes it may not have worked for some other people in this thread but this method has yielded SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT for many other posters!