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  1. He is helping you...do not do TCA cross yourself. Find a qualified doctor who has experience in this procedure. There are so many threads on here from people who F up on TCA cross.
  2. Dr Somji, Dr Craythorne & Dr Firas Al Niami are a few more that get mentioned.
  3. Has BA disappeared, are they alright? There just seems to be a lot of misinformation and dodgy tips being posted by other users currently?
  4. Huge improvement. The right cheek looks amazing, really smooth. Left has major improvement too. Congrats man!
  5. I have mainly textural scarring so I find that makeup often makes my issues look so much worse. I use Vichy Mineral followed by a light moisturizer. I don’t rub it in, I slap it on. Then once all that’s soaked in I use Pür primer to build up over the scars. I’ve recently switched to the green one as it covers the redness better. The one in the old photo above is just the standard perfecting one. I then put a super light dusting of translucent powder over the top. You can obviously still see text
  6. Come on now mate. Your face looks great. IF you have hypopigmentation, whack on some fake tan, wear tinted moisturiser, invest in a good CC cream, get a slightly darker foundation to dab on. IF you think your eye now sits lower there are still things you can do about that, targeted botox to lift the brow etc. I think you may be looking too closely at your face. You will find on closer inspection that most people have slightly differing left eye and right eye shapes. I know for certain that my ri
  7. Yes I think I watch the same girl's videos too. I think that the 3 vbeams that she had on her early scarring prior to accutane was probably a contributing factor to her scars improving so much. From my own experience vbeam has been far more effective at causing textural softening/minor collagen building than microneedling (everyone is different though), but together the combo is great.
  8. I use the Pür 4 in 1 primers. They’re very light so they don’t necessarily ‘fill’ the texture but it definitely disguises it a little. I then put a tiny amount of translucent powder over it. Works very well on large pores and ice picks.
  9. I continue to be happy with the progress my skin is making. The texture has greatly improved. So many thanks for your advice @beautifulambition. I have a question about the scar on the front of my right cheek, is it an appropriate scar to use the cross method on? Or should I just continue needling it?
  10. 30+ Female with fresh scars in August 2018. Started treating in October 2018. 4x Dermastamp 0.75mm - 1mm 6 x Glycolic Peel 50-70% All followed by LED 2x Pulsed Dye Laser Dermatologist: Will update with name once I stop treatments with him. Supplements : Vitamin C + Wellwoman Skincare : BP 2.5, Differin 0.1, The Ordinary AHA, Neutrogena Moisturiser, and Vichy Mineral 89. Lifestyle: No alcohol & coffee since August 18.
  11. Left I think Jan/Feb 2019? Right April 2019, post 2xPDL. Left Oct 2018, Right end of March 2019 (just before my 2nd PDL) Very happy with improvement. Will take a break from treating scars now till autumn as the sun is too unavoidable at the moment.
  12. Depending where you are in the East Midlands, if travelling back down to London for fillers is a pain and ££ on transport, Dr Anil holds a second clinic near Castle Bromwich, Birmingham.
  13. Yes I’ve seen him on Instagram too, he says he just had 2 sessions of Regenlite. I’m inclined to think he has had improvement but that the majority may be swelling and lighting. After pulsed dye laser I tend to have almost perfect skin for a couple of days, (see photo) but when it goes down completely you can see my scars. So the time of when a photo is taken is pretty important in judging results. If you are looking for good scar journeys on instagram to follow there is a guy t