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  1. Thank you mickidepaname you are from Paris ? Yes i think if we didn’t live in THIS society we would never suffer about scars Let’s have hope, it is possible, everything is possible
  2. I appreciate your post @arug About food I totally agree ! I am definitely sure that food, good healthy habits and preventing from the sun can assure us to have good skin in the future whereas many people with normal skin can have horrible skin at a certain age I also believe that after 30, NOBODY’s skin is perfect ! We start to have wrinkles, scarre more, patches, maybe the most difficult is between 20 and 30. It is not because of the scars that we have bad skin! The positive is also th
  3. Hello! I wanted to create a topic where people could say what positive acne scars brought to their lives We all know about the negative, the pain we can feel everyday. But maybe in the worst days we can read this and become more positive.. I believe there is always a positive side of a bad situation. -Maybe acne scars allowed me to realize that I am not just an appearance, but more than this -Realize people dont like you because of your look and reject superficial people -Be more gra
  4. Yes I hope we will have testimonials When I see before/after pictures with good improvement or where ppl have a flat scar, some have different textures and some it looks the same.. Maybe the point of all of this is to create a fake texture, fake skin, improve silicon, dermaflage (amazing) and fillers to create a perfect skin (fake) Maybe not permanent but during at least one day you don’t have scars ANYMORE
  5. Yes i think it is possible.. moreover, I am always wondering why improvement stops at a certain point. I mean some people have very great improvements on their scars (70% or more) But what if they continue to do treatments ? I think skin can always improve and for a scar even if it will never go away, it is possible theoretically to make it invisible. However, it depends on your scars and the severity. If you have too much treatments it might damage the skin. In theory, yes, but yo
  6. Don’t lose hope!! You are not defined by your scars, it doesn’t make you a different person than before I am considering having an hypnosis soon to accept myself more and treat the stress and anxiety. I lost 2 years of my life because of my acne/scars and now I am going to act : psychologist/therapy can help a lot ! People with no skin problems are focusing on their nose, wrinkles, hair... there is always something We have to treat the inside before and everything will be fine
  7. Thank you for your answers ! So it depends on individuals, what types of scars you have... But is is very interesting For example, I have a scar on the top on my nose which took two years to remodel Now, you can not really see it it looks like the skin texture. But if I press my nose, I see a little white line. Other scars have hairs on it and lines like skin lines.. i am wondering how the skin of @Liquid_Ocelot and @DC-girl are now they managed to get rid of most of their scars more
  8. The improvement on your left cheek is awesome ! Thank you for updating, I wish you the best
  9. Hi there, I have a question concerning scar tissue. If you managed to fill a scar which is now at the same level of the skin .. but I imagine the texture looks different. Is it possible to make it look like normal skin ? Peels can help ? Or maybe microdermabrasion ? For very shallow scars for example. The indents are an issue but even if you fix it, can you ever find the texture of your skin? I’ve seen people here who managed to remove a scar completly (very shallow) like it is invisi