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  1. Looking back at the thread, there seems to be a lot of debate as to what form to take. I don't really know any better than anyone else, but I can tell you what I used: mostly liquid softgels, and occasionally the liquid drops. Strangely, I *did* actually try the dry tablets for a while, and the acne started to come back a bit. I switched back to the softgels, and it cleared back up. I'm not sure what's going on there, but FWIW, I had better personal success with the softgels. (In the form of 2x1
  2. Oh, to CoolGuy: yep, still workin! Hmmm, I actually don't remember how long I was taking the supplements before I started seeing some results, though. Definitely after 2 months, but maybe I was already seeing the effects after 1 month? I happened to luck out with some trial and error, but in general, I think it's a good idea to get a test and recommendations from a doc, to see if it's something that could help. I'd hate to be responsible for anyone taking megadoses that they don't need, and ma
  3. Hey all, Wow... I haven't been back in a long time. This thread is enormous!!! Just wanted to come back and give an update, in case anyone was still curious. I'm still, well, pretty much completely clear (kind of the reason I haven't been back). I continued to take approximately 2000 IU/day until about 3 months ago, when I moved to a sunnier climate and have been making an effort to spend some time out of doors. Before moving, I would back off the dosage a little during the summers, when I wa
  4. Hey RSXBOI, just wanted to say I totally sympathize; changing my diet never did anything for my acne. No matter how clean and wholefoody and unprocessed I ate, or how many different things I tried eliminating, I still had the same acne. I still don't eat junk because it basically makes everything else worse, and is just generally unhealthy. But whatever else junk food does, it never manifested itself as acne, for me. I think all of our causes are different, so I don't want to say that in the e
  5. ShirleyB: I'm taking about 4000IU/day, so you might be able to try more and see if that helps. I think everyone's acne etiology is a bit different, so I don't want to claim D as the cure-all for everyone (for ex, my friend who grew up in Hawaii without sunscreen, and still had acne) but definitely still try it to at least rule out D deficiency as a cause! Re. oiliness, I've actually always had really dry skin. But lately it's almost entirely normal (no tightness or cracking) so it could just b
  6. Hi guys! I haven't been back on the forum in months, so just wanted to pop in and give an update. So far, so clear: it's been about 9 months that I've been taking anywhere from 2000 to 4000IU of vitamin d per day. In that time I think I've gotten one or two significant spots, total. I also take advantage of sunshine where I can -- am pretty pale so it doesn't usually take much, but if you have darker skin maybe you want to try more IUs or more sunlight. In the past 9 months I haven't changed l
  7. Try making sure you're getting enough of the fat soluble vitamins, like A, D, E, and K. Deficiency may not be the cause of your acne, but it's good to rule it out! Also, can't hurt to make sure you're getting enough of these on a low-fat diet, anyway.
  8. Okay, found an NIH factsheet on D: http://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/vitamind.asp They mention toxicity waaay down under "Health risks from excessive vitamin D": "Excessive sun exposure does not result in vitamin D toxicity because the sustained heat on the skin is thought to photodegrade previtamin D3 and vitamin D3 as it is formed [11,30]. High intakes of dietary vitamin D are very unlikely to result in toxicity unless large amounts of cod liver oil are consumed; toxicity is more likely to o
  9. xboxfreak: According to some poking around online, there appears to be a difference between how your body processes the D synthesized by sunlight, and absorbed through digestion. I don't know if it's a different molecule or exactly how it works, but my understanding is that you can synthesize and tolerate orders of magnitude more D from sunlight exposure than through eating it. Apparently, the idea is that your body won't generate D past toxicity levels, and can clear the extra that it genera
  10. Well, I think I've found it... I think it's finally over! it's been about 2 months, and *no new breakouts*. Absolutely none. I'm... shocked! After all this time, I think I finally found the acne cause and solution, for me. Two months ago, I started taking vitamin D supplements, about 1000IU per day. Nothing else changed: work has been no more or less stressful, my diet hasn't changed, nothing significant in personal life. I just noticed that my skin is always better after getting a littl
  11. Alaffia: http://www.alaffia.com/ (ordered online) Another week of neem oil, another week of clear skin! My skin cycles tend to be long, so I'm not ready to claim miracle salve, but... so far so good! Also, my redmarks appear to be fading at a faster rate. These guys have stuck around for 5+ months, so to see them fading a little is exciting. I wonder if the neem oil??? Will keep an eye on both acne and redmarks, and post another update in a week! (Btw, if you try it just be prepared tha
  12. You can defn get it online, too (check out Amazon, or the Desert Essence website)
  13. Well! I went ahead and bought a small tub, and have been applying it every night for a week. So far, the skin looks good... Since it's only been a week, it's hard to say how much is the neem, and how much is any of the other many variables that affect my face (time of the month, diet, weather, stress, etc). Anyway, I've been applying it full strength, just enough to cover the entire face, and directly after washing with Black Soap. Inflammation appears to be decreased -- I wake up in the mor
  14. I've heard that neem oil has antibacterial/antimicrobial properties, and may be good as a topical for acne. Anyone have any experience with it? I'm wondering if it's as strong as tea tree oil and need dilution, or if it can just be applied directly. Also, anyone know if it's pore-clogging, even though it's antibacterial...?