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  1. do u know the differences between BM and EM any + or - on either??????....ive used BM before but just ordered the EM sample kit so im going to give it a try..THANKS
  2. ok after much research I must say....IM JOING THE EM CULT!!! I just ordered my sample kit and cant wait for it to arrive! One question for any of you..how does EM compare to Bare Minerals...ive botten quite a bit of Bare Minerals??????? any + vs - on the two companies?? I really love how you can order samples first, BM does not have that option that i was aware of and the shades did not match my skin tone.
  3. THANKS SOO MUCH....SUCKS THE POWDER ISNT OIL FREE AS THAT STUFF IS AMAZING FOR COVERAGE....BOOOHOOO MAC!!! some mac foundations are oil-free, others aren't. for example, studio fix fluid is oil-free, studio fix powder is not.
  4. THANKS A MILLION GUYS I just got my kit yesterday and cant wait to get started....i already used it last night and this morning and I swear my skin already feels better...maybe im just hoping the world but it really does feel better.... and i definately AGREE with ya'll that Dans BP is a million times better than On-the-spot!! I havent tried wearing any makeup yet so that will be the ultimate test but im optimistic and with all the great advice ive gotten I think things will look up.
  5. is MAC considered an OIL FREE makeup??? I looked at my bottle of foundation but it doesnt say anything on it other than what its called.
  6. how do you guys insert all that stuff at the end that states what your using and doing????? Ive never blogged before and am totally new to this....pls xcuse!!! I just started the regimen on friday so im on day 4! I use Neutrogena face wash, on-the spot 2.5 and Aveeno Clear Complexion moisturizer. I have not used the AHA yet as I noticed it said not to start that until youve been on the regimen for a bit....I did add like 2 drops of jojoba to my moisturizer on sunday to see if that would h
  7. hey ya'll...I just started Dan's regimen but im runnin into a nasty little what appears to be side effect from doing so!! I can not apply the BP, moisturizer and my foundation/makeup without getting a HORRIBLE MESS on my face, anyone know of any tricks to apply makeup over THE REGIMEN????? Ive botten the jojob oil as well as the AHA and I have a great moisturizer but no matter how much I apply Im still having the flaking, peeling, reptile skin look and can not get the foundation to go on witho
  8. i too have used BM...i have used the medium mixed with the beige medium because each alone was not matching my skin tone very well. There are several things i dont like about it, first is it is very messy and can not be easily taken with you like a compact can. Second, i was not happy with the coverage it gave me...using MAC liquid foundation covers my acne much better. another negative is it comes off with just barely touching your face...I mean if i give my husband a hug his white shirt jus
  9. ya guess thats truth...I actually just bought a whole set of bare minerals but I just dont get the same coverage and look like I do with the studio fix. do u know if the mineral makeup is easier on acne??
  10. HI everyone....brand new to this soooo hopefully im doing it right! I was hoping to find out if MAC makeup is ok to use on acne prone skin??? Ive heard rumors that it is extremely pore clogging and can cause acne does anyone know if this is true?? I LOVE there products but I absolutely need to get rid of the acne that has been plaquing me since age 12, now 26.