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  1. @superburrito ok thanks, I had treatment with Dr. Rullan two weeks ago; however, one of the staff people said 4 to 6 weeks, but that seemed kind of quick to me.
  2. Doesn't do anything to me...but everyone is different. Maybe you should try to test it.
  3. @slee3 and @superburrito How many weeks are you waiting until your next visit with Dr. Rullan? Also any updates?
  4. I think it's difficult to suction a few days after subcision since he also has also done the cross which scabs for like a week
  5. I read somewhere on realself from a dermatologist awhile back that it's actually good to have some continued bruising after a subcision is performed. Something about the liquid being beneficial. Unsure whether or not this is true, but if i can find the actual thing I read, I will post it here.
  6. Ok, so in my experience...I had a nurse who told me that there is no direct science between chocolate and acne; however, just like you, I found that whenever I ate chocolate more pimples would show up. In hindsight, I should have limited my chocolate intake...but it was just so good at the time lol. You know your body the best. If you find that a certain food is not reacting well with your face then it would be best for you to not consume as much. Additionally, I believe a lot of the readin
  7. How long did you have to wait until you could put concealer or makeup on? Did you have to wait until after the scabs fell off? Thanks!
  8. I loved eating food when I was on accutane lol...I was able to eat a lot of fatty/junk food and not having to care. The fat actually helps the accutane absorb (if I'm not mistaken). I don't think that some cake will really impact you nor the sugar, but obviously, if you find that your body isn't responding well to a certain food...definitely avoid it
  9. did you have to take any time off from work or school?
  10. How bad is the hyperpigmentation? Is it possible for you to post pictures of it? I'm considering this treatment and am worried now...
  11. Did the doctor tell you to sunction or is that something you are doing on your own?
  12. I used to have pretty terrible acne...way worse than what you have currently. Three things: Don't use conditioner at all and choose a shampoo that is acne friendly, same goes for the soap you use.