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  1. Apple Cider Vinnegar works WONDERS. Dilute it with water though. It helps with dark marks and acne! Give it some time. Everything will take time. But this is what has worked best for me!
  2. My friend told me to try Dove sensitive skin bar soap. I have mild - moderate acne but just trying to really get it under control. I also get blackheads.. I’m worried if this soap with clog my pores or make things worse. I’ve used it a few days and so far my skin feels great, just scared to continue use in case it may get worse
  3. Not sure how to feel about it.

    I got recommended by a friend to try the Dove Sensitive skin soap. I thought it sounded strange but tried it anyways. I have mild - moderate acne. A couple pimples on my chin and/or forehead is common, I also have pretty bad nose blackheads. After trying this my skin felt amazing, it seemed to help with the active breakouts as well. I'm nervous to continue using it after reading that it can be pore clogging.. would appreciate some feedback on that! I have only been using it about a week.