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  1. The place where I'm being treated only does full face Fraxels, but it seems like someone on this board mentioned being only treated on a problem area. I don't think many places would do partial face Fraxels because it would make the face look odd. Mine were $1200 each. I don't know if collagen boosting creams are allowed, but when I asked about Retin A I was told not to use it. I don't know what the specific setting were on my Fraxel, the depth was se to max and the energy was set to two lev
  2. Not only that, but I can also see that the skin itself looks healthier all over. Ever since I started getting Fraxels I have been obsessively looking at my face in the mirror, so I couldn't trust my own judgement on what I saw. But with these photos it's plain and objective, I don't have to guess. My skin is improving and I will ask to keep on using it.
  3. OK, I have been looking at the photos closer now and I DO see some improvement. Especially on the temple right next to my eye. Even the large scar has softened up a bit. It's not a figment of my imagination, I can see it. I'm going to call them back and ask them to take a closer look like I have. I want to continue on with the Fraxels. I'll call the nurse practioner first, she's the one who's actually performing the treatments. If she doesn't mind continuing on with me as a patient, then I wi
  4. The most obvious thing from my pics is that I am one ugly mofo.
  5. Well, they won't show no matter what I do. I can't upload them and I can't embed them as an image. If you want to see them I guess you will have to cut n paste the url.
  6. I ~did~ want to continue with Fraxel. I set an appointment for my sixth one. But when I got home the recpetionist called me and said that the surgeon who runs the practice had looked at my photos and canceled my Fraxel without even asking me. So it must be clear to him that Fraxel wasn't working. HOWEVER, when I go back in July for a consultation on what to do next, I will ask him if I can continue with the Fraxels before trying something else. Personally, I'd like to do 8 of them, and then gi
  7. OK, I got my right profile before/after pics. However, I can't get them to upload. I get the spinning circle telling me that it is uploading and after a couple of minutes it stops and says no attachement selected. Can somebody help me out here? BTW, now that I've had time to look at the before/after pics more closely, I can see a small amount of improvement. Not much, but it's there. OK, I think I see the problem. My pics are 1.6MB each, they are too big. Anybody got any ideas?
  8. I just called the office to have my photos emailed to me and I can tell they don't want to do it, or else they simply don't know how. I find it hard to believe I'm the first patient there who has ever asked for my pics, but that's how it seems. The person on the phone said she doesn't know if she can send them or not. Then she said it may be in a power point presentation, then maybe in a word presentation. I was so struck by here naivete that I didn't even ask if she would simply attach them in
  9. No, I haven't had subcisions.
  10. I'll call the office on Monday and ask them to email me the pics. I'll post them soon after that.
  11. I just had my fifth Fraxel done, and the surgeon has said he will stop the Fraxels and wants me to come back in a month for a fat injection consultation. The Fraxel did pretty much nothing for the scarring, although the skin around the scars looks younger and smoother. I said I would post before and after pics, but there's no need as there was neglible improvement. I was using Re:Store and the depth setting was set to maximum, the energy level was set to two levels below maximum. The nurse h
  12. what the fuck are MENDS? lol What the fuck are MENDS?....lol ??? Drop the four letter words and do a little research. MENDS: microscopic epidermal necrotic debris. The small brown spots on the face after laser treatment.
  13. I just looked at my face in the mirror, and I have more MENDS this time than ever before. I get more MENDS after each treatment. The first time I only had a few on my temples, the second time on my whole forehead, the third time my whold forehead and part of my cheeks, and this time it's my entire face and even my nose. My treatment was on Thursday, BTW.