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  1. karlas

    Spray Tans

    Dont do it!! 2 years ago I did the spray tan and at the time had perfectly clear skin. Now 2 years later still battling acne. Directly after the tan my face exploded and because I did not have acne prior to this I had little knowledge about how to clear up acne, this perpetuated it all and Im still dealing with it. Im sure the spray tan is not the only cause of my acne woes, however it was the start.
  2. Not sure about the jojobo oil however I do know that emu oil is a carrier. I have been using it for a few months now and it has made a world of difference in my skin.
  3. For me my worse trigger food is ice cream every single time I have it by the next day I have a breakdown of at least 3 pimples around my mouth and chin area.
  4. Absolutely no doubt about it. I'm 31 years old and left my fiance last year I never had acne as a teenager or in my twenties but I know the stress of my leaving and all that was going on at the time made me breakout horribly and I am still recovering from it.
  5. I also had the blackhead problem on my forhead and started doing the babies brush exfoliation method every evening religiously about a month ago and they all came to the surface and are gone. Try exfoliating with the babies brush method.
  6. Hang in there. The same thing happened to me on the regimen and it pissed me off as well. I think my face was purging or something because it seemed to be worse before it got better. After 4 months though my face was completely clear. I now take alot of supplements and exfoliate and my face is completely clear. Check out the holisitic topics page you can find some really helpful articles.
  7. I used to sleep on the sides of my face as well and I think it was a cause of my cheek acne. I now was my pillow case every 3 days and sleep on my back. My cheeks are crystal clear now. You might want to give it sleeping on your back and regularly washing your pillow case a try. Sorry I mean wash my pillow case every 3 days.
  8. I use the Basis soap bar. I do dilute it a little by lathering up my hands with the soap then letting the water take some off. I have found this to be the best way to cleanse. My face is so dry from the BP that over using cleanser just makes things worse. As far as red marks go the emu has made a huge difference. I had these really bad red marks on my forehead and they are all gone completely. I have been using the emu for probably a little over a month now. Definately do use the cetaphil and em
  9. I never wash my face for more then 2-3 seconds. I think 10 sec. is a bit to long.
  10. I love Dan's BP. I massage it into my skin until it gets that sticky feeling on my fingers. Then I wait 10 minutes and apply my moisturizer. It is completely clear and nobody will ever notice. I have read posts where people say they can see it and quite frankly I don't understand how that is possible Dan's BP is a gel not cream so it is invisible even before you do the moisturizer. The one problem is putting makeup on after you apply the bp and moisturizer. Because of that I decided to just go w
  11. Emu oil is the most amazing stuff I have ever used. You can purchase it online. I got mine from lurebeauty.com you might be able to find it at a locally as well. Google emu oil for more information.
  12. I have been using emu oil for about a month now and I put it on after the BP. I only use it at night because your face will look very oily. I was applying around 4 drops on my whole face and but now because my skin is so dry I add the emu to my moisturizer (cetaphil). Try both and see which one you like.
  13. You might want to try just using the emu oil without moisturizer to start and see how your skin feels. If you feel to try use it with your moisturizer.
  14. I think it depends on where you live. More humid areas will take longer than the dryer areas. I am in a dry area so it only takes me around 3 minutes to rub in the BP. I do think 10 minutes even in the humid areas is to long.
  15. I have been using it for about a month now and I love it. Because my skin is so dry I mix around 5 drops of the emu oil with my moisturuizer (cetaphil). The emu oil alone is not enough for my skin because of the dryness so I found this works perfect.