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  1. Hiya! I'm on both Mino and Spiron as well. I've noticed a significant improvement and its been less than a month. I also was prescribed a topical tretinoin cream - Stieva-A to use at night before bed. I've noticed really bad skin peeling around my ears (I had bad cystic acne behind them and along my jawline) and a bit around my nose, but thats it. I get hand tremors every now and then and my fine motor functions can be a bit clumsy at times. I'm also on a raw food diet for the next month and I'
  2. I've been off accutane since the end of Feb this year. I've got chronic dandruff - it won't go away no matter what I use. It started while I was on 'tane - huge mofo flakes literally peeling right off. the dry nose and lips went away within 2 weeks. I still get foot/heel pain - my joints are a bit stiff, but nothing like they used to be.
  3. I think the St. Ives Apricot Scrub with walnut granules is actually what made me break out at my worst. Its extremely abrasive and way too harsh when you have acne. I use Benzagel Face Wash & BenOxyl5 Lotion for my skin as well as Spectrol Gel for Sensitive skin. It works wonders for the "baby acne" that popped up on my forehead post-accutane. My only problem areas are my chin and mouth with tiny whiteheads - possibly just hormonal acne. I really don't recommend the St.Ives.
  4. I use Smashbox Halo mineral powder - it provides great coverage and gets rid of my redness. I was told by the cosmetician that concealers and foundations aren't needed, esp. if you have oily skin. It seems to do the trick for me.
  5. http://cgi.ebay.com/Vita-K-Solution-Profes...7QQcmdZViewItem They mail to Australia
  6. lol, it's the only way I win! ---------------------------------------- I've heard that the Vita-K stuff stops working if you stop using it and only after you've achieved major results with it will it be permanent....so in other words, you have to keep buying it....one box won't do much as far as long term effects go. I'm not going to bother buying it.
  7. Seriously, SERIOUSLY thinking about chucking my 'tane into the toilet! I really can't take the side effects much longer. My job is relatively hard on the body and its really starting to effect my working habits. I get sore and stif really easily - especially my back. Today I kept having spasms in my ribs and its hard to crouch down when my legs feel like jello. Sleeping yesterday was a complete nightmare....as with the rest of the week past. I keep tossing and turning, never really achieving
  8. Ok, so someone is bidding on the ONLY Vita-K for Acne Scars stuff on eBay.....wanted to make sure it was no one from here before I decided to snyper-bid on them. Someone else probably wants it more than I do. Anyone?
  9. Yeah I was told that - but it sucks! I've probably spent atleast $30 on different brands of lip balms/chap sticks. I finally ordered Aquaphor off eBay.... ----------------------------------- I'm not going to bother with the Vita-K stuff until someone has seen incredible results. Plus I've decided to ask my tattoo-ist at my next appointment if she's heard of needling and wants a guinea pig to start if she hasn't (and of course does research) - haha.
  10. I started tane on Dec 22nd, 2007 - I was given 40mg for 2 weeks, then upped to 80mg until this past Monday - my first derm appt and after my first course of tane. I really thought I could talk my derm into giving me a lowered dosage. I work nights, so I'm already being hard on my body without pumping this anti-acne poison into it. I've experienced a lot of side effects - the usual drying, flaking and chapped lips, crazy dandruff. But the joint pain, foot pain, back pain, blurry eyes, insomnia,
  11. That seems like a really high dose even if he guessed 160 (upping you to 120mg). I'm on 80mg and weigh more than that (and I'm on my second prescription - 3rd month). I thought 120mg was considered too high for anyone - so what I've heard.
  12. I think this is it....although we don't sell it at the Shopper's I work at either. I'm not sure if its available in Ontario. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001392TGA?smid=A...mp;linkCode=asn
  13. Got 2 Be products are the best for that.....There's a mousse, hairspray, and hair glue. Works wonders! (I've heard Elmers white school glue works great too). And I'd second the back combing brush - lots of bristles. And the hair crimper...or get some really tiny braids, then take them out after a week (without washing them). And patience....loooooots of patience. And maybe a buddy to help you out. And a blowdryer for extra oomph!
  14. I've had acne for 10 years now...non-stop - always had a blemish on my face. I tried many store bought creams, cleansers, toners, spot treatments, pads, exfoliaters, and masks - nothing worked. I tried ProActiv when I was 18 and that worked for awhile, but it dried me out totally and once I stopped the treatment, it only came back worse. I left it alone for over 3 years and finnaly saw a derm. We didn't even bother with antibiotics or other clinical treatments like Retin-A. I went straight to Ac
  15. I'd probably be embarassed, but I'd say I used to have acne....and eventually show them photos. I'm actually pretty proud of my face now...carrying around before and afters photos has crossed my mind a few times already.
  16. I use the same stuff - its 50% water. I pretty HAD to switch because Maybelline discontiued my favourite foundation (one I've been using for like, 5+ years). So mad! And as for the colour options...I'm in the middle of Light 5 and Medium 1 so I just mix them. Plus some colours are only available in the States (I think its Dark 5 and Medium 4 you can't get in Canada). Its pretty good stuff and lasts, but it can separate if you sweat too much or get super-oily. A lot of make-up companies ar
  17. Jesus, I never would've guessed your age! That can't be real. I though you were maybe 18/19!!!!!

  18. My bf pointed out the same thing...that I'm more addicted to my mirror now that I'm clear. I notice it too...its like you become obsessed and paranoid about any frikken blemish that turns up on your skin. I hate it.
  19. http://search.stores.ebay.com/vita-k-scars...ocusZbsQQsofpZ4 I found that on ebay....ask if they ship to the UK. Is this the correct one, the scar and bruises ?? There is a uk seller selling these on ebay if it is but im not sure as the packaging looks different I'm assuming it is. ---- My pharmacist recommended this: Dermatix Advanced Scar Remodelling Gel £29.99* for 15g tube or £89.99* for a 60g tube - *shipping extra DERMATIX C is a topical silicone gel with ester C
  20. You realize how lame it is when you're older. I think that girls who do the whole "bend-over-touch the floor-back up the body" move is absolutely retarded. Dancing is cool, feeling sexy while doing it is cool, but when you're rubbing up against a guys boner, with only a few pieces of material separating you in a HIGHSCHOOL dance with teachers around, thats nasty. My principle yelled out, "3 feet" whenever she saw people kissing/holding eachother in the halls, nevermind a dance. At prom, a gi
  21. http://search.stores.ebay.com/vita-k-scars...ocusZbsQQsofpZ4 I found that on ebay....ask if they ship to the UK.
  22. Yeah I work at Shoppers....I think we have it....I know we have the blotchy skin one for sure. Although I've been told to use this Scar Zone healing ointment that you can get in the band-aid section. I've also heard Mederma works really well too. Netrogena also has this Post-Acne mark serum....probably have to read into that. I really don't want to have to pay into Microdermabrasion...too frikken expensive. It sucks sometimes living in different countries and having to try to find stuff onl
  23. I think its probably just the lighting. Natural light - you can see everything, esp. in car mirrors Florescent light makes you look like a sick monster Soft bathroom/bedroom light is supposed to be complimenting Don't even get me started on camera shots...ugh. They highlight everything or wash it all out depending on the contrast blech