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  1. Under_tow - after 1 million IU s of palmitate my serum retinol went down, got any ideas?
  2. For what it's worth thanks for the info on cayanne pepper, I suspect most people reading this aren't in anti vitamin a camp. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if it was the vitamin A in it helping you.
  3. Do you drink coffee/milk products?
  4. I get the calcium/hypothyroid connection you made previously, it makes sense, hyper PTH causes weight gain etc. I wasn't implying really low calcium, just low compared to western diet that is loaded with dairy. Reduction in dairy seems to be an underlying common link, between diets showing improvement, vegan, paleo, fasting, anti Aetc, right?
  5. Would I be right in saying this diet is also low in calcium?
  6. Does anyone one else notice increasingly intolerance to milk?
  7. Did you notice reduced joint pain with higher vit D levels, or is it worse with increased stiffness?
  8. Calcification I have.
  9. There is where things get interesting, accutane causes hyperostosis which is the opposite of osteoporosis.
  10. Curious if your kinsiologist covers bone turnover? I wonder if this has something to do with why people are so keen on fasting, paleo or ketosis? Does anyone here have osteoporosis?
  11. If the anti A concept/theory is false, maybe improvements are primarily from zinc supplementation increasing metabolism/use of vitamin A? Have you or gutskinaxis or wakeutane or anyone else on anti A noticed any correlations with backtracking on low zinc days?
  12. Ra deficiency equals inflammation. That makes sense. Ra excess increasing inflammation is the strange part. Ive read Ra is protective against colitis and vit D is not.
  13. Does Retinoic acid increase lactobacillus? Maybe something to consider?
  14. Do you think the fasting improvements have something to do with higher lactobacillus? Have you noticed any improvements from lactobacillus probiotics?
  15. FYI - liver function came back normal after my trial of 30,000 IU per day, so I don't think I'm overloaded with A. Also Thyroid function improved.