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  1. If you take isotrentoin long enough you stop peeling, so something seems to be changing at a receptor level, but not sure. I can handle a very high retinol intake now, which doesn't move my serum retinol levels unless I consume 100,000iu retinyl palmitate daily, and it goes up slow, but goes down fast. Again thanks for contributing.
  2. I havent actually claimed anything and I believe SS isn't happening, but there's a alot of info out there about isotrentoin and dopamine, not just being unsafe for pregnant females. A lot of people report mental health issues after treatment. I watched on tv they sometimes don't give it to depressed people. Its actually good a qualified medical person is posting, you may have info we are not aware of.
  3. Only teratogenic to pregnant females??? You sure? Are you a doctor?
  4. Is the hair loss inflammatory in nature? Itchy? If so pretty sure b12 or vit D will not help, makes mine worse, increases sebum.
  5. Noy much, still had hairloss, but my head itch was like it was on fire, never heard a bold guy really mention itch, honestly don't most bald peoples hair just fall out? So not surprising it didn't work. May have slowed it down a fraction, couldn't really tell.
  6. How are the anti A people going? Haven't seen any recent post, you guys ok with all that's going on right know?
  7. Yes, I agree with you, they need to come up with something safer for acne.
  8. If you watch the episodes people found it really hard to get. Sueing seems futile, lots of medicine has serious sides. A inflammatory arthritis med causes liver failure according to a youtube conference i watch hosted by rheumatoid doctors. An example, I have terrible joint issues , flying is unbearable except on prednisone, but I can't take it everyday as it is may shut down my own cortisol production plus a whole lot of other sides are possible. But flying without it is lik
  9. @Anna Nim @timetoban there was an mtv true life episode, years ago, like 10+ years showing how careful dermatologists are in USA to prescribe. Did this change? I've seen YouTube videos of people on low dosages compared to years ago, like if you were 100kilos you were on 100gms a day in the 90's.
  10. @Anna Nim ok I did it, honestly why some specialists still give out high dosages is beyond my comprehension.
  11. @Anna Nim Honestly if it just dried the skin we wouldn't need a specialist to prescribe it. Its a last case scenario drug and prescribed in smaller dosages now under the Australasian college of dermatology.
  12. I don't see how people mentioning listed, proven and well known side effects will do anything.