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  1. Thanks for posting, it's getting interesting, the question now is are O blood people ok due to less clotting and maybe better circulation?
  2. @isojim finestride has a weak link to increase testosterone, maybe that's helped people. I don't think finestride helped me but I was already calcified when I started it, did it slow it down? I don't know. The fact that there is a whole forum dedicated to people that regret taking it is something to consider.
  3. Ever consider that it effects certain blood types differently? Blood types differ with clotting, maybe it's involved in wound healing and circulation? Thoughts?
  4. Maybe, but it may be a temporary improvement so to speak let us know how you go, if it doesn't work, feedback still would be interesting. Not just fin does this, some meds that alter hormones like pain killers I have found blunts libido but when you stop it comes back stronger for short time. Receptors might get more sensitive, but things may go south eventually. Unfortunately people have said cure is fasting/starving for rest of life, Soulja boy music, go gluten free, risky finestri
  5. Didn't help hair loss after Accutane, I took standard dose for at least a year but it didn't stop my hairloss so I gave up on it, but my father is bald. One thing I will point out finestride users complain of gyno and Accutane has the same complaints, so how is finestride the cure?
  6. I had a similar experience with finasteride after Accutane.
  7. Have noticed my skin/acne gets worse on zinc, any ideas as to why this is happening?
  8. @truejustice blood tests come back fine for me as well except one time I had a sandwich before it....don't know why.
  9. Don't know if this helps the discussion but gluten seems inflammatory in general so maybe time to connect the dots. Vitamin A tends to be anti inflammatory in non excessive amounts, so obviously there's a connection. Vitamin A doesn't seem to work normal now does it? This is a hugely growing concept. I'm talking long term sides, not ones due to taking accutane recently which diet may work with, but then again I wonder if they will be back here ten years later, because diet di
  10. Retinyl palmitate. So it may eventually subside with your beef liver pills. Seemed to take a while, but it's definitely improved.
  11. Have noticed stools not as loose now so maybe is a detox process as you have suggested, regarding dhea and cortisol, I'm low in both. So probably will avoid dhea.