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  1. My acne cleared up when a bunch of preps pinned me down in 3rd period gym class and pissed all over my face. Those stupid jocks just don't get me because I'm such a unique and tortured soul. Luckily, I had lunch next hour, and my mom (who also doesn't understand me) packed me my favorite lunch! It was so great! But then I remembered that I'm supposed to be sad, so I acted accordingly. Long story short; I now piss on my own face every day--not because it clears my skin, but because it's suc
  2. Actually, that stuff didn't break me out at all. But everyone's different, as they say.
  3. For the extremely computer savvy patrons of this website: is there a virus we can implement that will cause a user's computer to violently explode when he or she posts a thread regarding a correlation between masturbating and acne?
  4. Chemical peels, such as a glycolic acid peel, is applied to the skin with a pad (like a Stridex or Oxy pad) or cotton ball. You can buy pre-soaked pads or your own bottle of them chemical. A glycolic acid peel is two steps; one is the glycolic acid and the other is a nuetralizer. The purpose of such peels is to resurface the skin and reduce the appearance of scars.
  5. Brevoxyl 8 has an 8% benzyl peroxide concentration. It's pretty cool stuff, but holy fuck, is it ever expensive.
  6. Saying "fuck you" to your grandma is fucking amazing.
  7. Always glad to hear that someone is making good progress. I hope your skin continues to improve!
  8. What helped my chest was Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing scrub or a St Ives scrub with salicylic acid. I don't use a loofa.
  9. Ises don'tses knowses if acoholses causeses acneseseses
  10. Has anybody used a glycolic peel to treat active acne? Someone please let me know.
  11. Alright, so one more question: I know you said you got the glycolic peel on ebay, but I was wondering if you knew off hand any stores that sell it? Let me know. Thanks.
  12. How long did it take for you to notice serious results? This method is interesting, especially the peel part of it.
  13. Also, make sure your hands are clean before you're applying anything to your face. Just rub it in as gently as you can, and then moisturizer will take care of the rest.
  14. Yeah, for the most part I have my face under control, too. I'm like you; my back is just not presentable. I refuse to take my shirt off in front of anybody, and when I do, it's just to change real quick, and I have to make sure my back is pointed away from anybody who might see. I have always been affraid of taking accutane because of the initial breakout that everyone talks about. I wouldn't mind an "it gets worse before it gets better" situation on my back, because it's not hard to keep a