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  1. My dermatologist recommended me a Zinc Oxide solution called ZINCI AQUOSA and before using it, it needs to be shaken up as its not water soluble. This solution is very similar to diaper rash ointments which contain Zinc Oxide. It seems it shrinks up my pimples or acne and reduces redness much better than Benzoyl Peroxide. However, this product is very hard to wash off my face despite washing my face with water and soap and leaves the white residue. How can this be easily wash
  2. Hi, on occasion, I get these red pimples on my face with whiteheads. I have a ointment that contains Benzoyl Peroxide 50mg/gr. and seems that it does not reduce the redness or as a matter of fact, the whitehead. This ointment is very similar to Duac when it comes to BP dosage, but without any antibiotics. Is Salicylic Acid the best for reducing the redness? I just need to get rid of the redness so it will not be noticeable. Also, I cannot seem to find any ointments that are colorless, only