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  1. Hi ! Thank you very much for answering me so quickly, I will follow your advice as it should. Indeed, the darkening effect is due to the dryness of my skin. About jojoba oil, I have not yet ordered acne.org jojoba oil, will a commercial organic jojoba oil work as well in the meantime jojoba oil from acne.org? Should I add AHA+ to my routine or should I still wait (how long approximately?) I really intend to continue this treatment for a long time it would be a shame to stop it
  2. Hello ! Above all, I want to apologize for my horrible English, I am French and not very talented in foreign language haha! So, it's been a whole month now that I started The Acne Regimen (you should know that I do not have severe acne, my pimples are persistent, they are located exclusively on my T-zone, the upper cheeks and chin but not on the jaw or in the neck). I know that it's not much time that I started the treatment but I found that my skin became worse than before, at first everythin