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  1. Hope is everything. When you can’t have any about something, you have to accept it and it is the most difficult part in life. For any disfigurement, scars, serious disease etc Now I really hope treatments will improve in the next 10-20 years (I won’t care after) as everybody could have at least a decent, normal skin. We can just pray about this, and live our life.
  2. There is also miramar, he claimed 100% with scalpel excisions because he didn’t have linear scars.. However I don’t know if it is possible
  3. Hello, I wanted to know what are the best results you have seen on one person scars ? It can be you, a person you know, someone in this forum Your can share pictures/posts of great improvement. I know a topic already exists about improvements but what are the best you have ever seen Of course I am not talking about some marketing bullshit you can see on instagram, clinics etc but real results. For me, DC girl and Rosegirl results are the best I have ever seen with pictur
  4. Hi, I am not talking about obesity, which is a disease and can have permanent consequences on people.. I am talking of those people who feel overweighted. Of course it can be hard BUT you can do something about it, there is HOPE. I was overweighted a short period of time during my teens. I was self conscious BUT I was not in despair because I knew I could do something about it. Moreover, I knew that a LOT of people was facing the same problem and it was reassuring. Nowadays peopl
  5. Hello, Well you described my life since 2 years.. No dairy, no gluten, no sugar, 2 liters of water, meditation, no industrial food, vitamin C and zinc. My acne was created by a trauma so I think it is psychological, very hard to treat. How severe is your acne ? Mine is mild but with spots which last weeks.. and difficult to heal.. Your acne seems to be hormonal, did you see a dermatologist? Sometimes it is only medication which can help .. Moreover, try to avoid al
  6. Hi all, Today is not a good day. I try to be positive, to meditate, do hypnosis but here we are, today is sad. I was thinking today that people with normal skin will never realize how much lucky they are. I was at the office and one of my colleague was venting about her hairs. She was saying people with normal hairs were so lucky because she is very hairy. Everyone was like « yes I understand, it should be hard etc » and said she can do laser etc Another one was venting becau
  7. So day 1 : I didn’t bring my personal mirror at work today (big step) It is actually very difficult to avoid mirror I failed a lot today by looking in the bathroom, phone mirror Tomorrow will be better Moreover, I am trying to listen an hypnosis video on YouTube for clear skin. A woman allows me to be very relax and I imagine that I go on a powerful energy, on a beach where my skin is regenerating, getting better thanks to the sea... My goal is to imagine that I have a
  8. Hello, i am actually talking about the mental power only. About diet, I already cut sugar, gluten and dairy. I don’t put anything to my face also I am wondering if you don’t look at your face and imagine it is perfect during several days, it can help your acne. I am going to try it tomorrow and i’ll update here my results
  9. Hello everyone, I think I have tried everything against acne and nothing seems to work yet. I just noticed I have more acne when I am stressed, having anxiety I would like to know if someone ever managed to control his acne and prevent scarring with hypnosis, meditation, positive affirmations.. If you don’t look in the mirror for one week do you have less acne ? when you think your face is fine, does it heal acne ? I am wondering if it could works thank you
  10. Yes camouflage seems to be a realistic solution. Imagine I can have a flawless skin once a week, even once a month is priceless .. I think it exists when you inject collagen but I don’t know if it is perfect I definitely think they could create fake skin that looks a lot like skin with pores, lines ..
  11. I am interested too ! I hope we will have different experiences here, maybe you can try to improve the texture with peels.. Some people are claiming they filled their scars okey but how about the texture ? How about the general texture of their skin ?
  12. Thank you Obi wan I am actually considering a psychotherapy which would be very helpful. This is very hard to deal with, because of the « permanence » of the situation, thinking that maybe you will never get rid of these scars.. for life.. it is hard And thinking we can transform a person to become a man/woman but cannot regrow skin today... it’s not fair But there are worse things in life and I have to stop obsessing about this, I hope I will not to o late
  13. Of course you can improve your scars AND improve your self confidence/acceptation of them. Hopefully today there are plenty of treatments to improve scars with 50%, 70% and 90% improvements for some people. I am trying to do both too. But sometimes I think about my scars 24/24 of the day and at the end, I just missed lots of occasions to be happy. And yes foxygoddess what is the fucking point to be self conscious everyday of your life ? At the end of your life, all of that is useless. I could
  14. I understand your point of view. Yes focusing on other stuff is healthier than being completly obsessive about our skin. However, one day we look at our face and it starts again with obsession. When i had my body obsessions the 5 past years, I wasn’t thinking at all about it during winter because I didn’t have to show it. So it wasn’t an obsession I was focusing on work, social life.. But when summer came, each time I was very depressed about it. The point is to ACCEPT our flaws I t