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  1. why is it necessary to go "cold turkey"? why can't you just switch to the good, non-irritating products?
  2. hey- for all of you doing the evoo daily, i found little juice box looking things with evoo in it that you can use if traveling or just on the go at my local whole foods
  3. dan actually posted about this recently http://www.acne.org/blog/
  4. hey i have a somewhat silly question. what do you mean be careful about the whiteheads? can whiteheads actually spread from place to place on your face? thanks
  5. i found this website that may be helpful to some people. also a place to buy some stuff *Mod edit - Please read the board rules - urls removed.*
  6. alright, well maybe not "root". poor word choice. but for many, including waterwater who started this thread, have found that it was the constant washing that was actually causing them acne. and had they just given their face time to heal on its own, they wouldn't have a problem.
  7. i have a question. if it is irritation that is the root of acne, then why is it that some people grow out of acne around 25?
  8. yeah i feel itchy too.. like i can feel the oil sitting on my skin.. also: when do the initial breakouts stop? i can't tell if i'm still purging or if its just not working for me
  9. yeah i've been trying this too. and i'm on day 3 or 4 as well. its really annoying, surprisingly. i miss the squeaky clean feeling and i don't like feeling like i can't sweat or put on sunscreen and have it be alright knowing i'll just wash it off.. also, i haven't really seen any improvements and i'm just sort of impatient i guess...
  10. what if you sweat/put on sunscreen/makeup? should you still not wash your face?
  11. i'm thinking about getting it... but was wondering if anyone here had tried it. i hope its not another "acne free in three days" scam. here's the link: http://www.acneyoda.com/ and here's the last "step" where you buy it: http://acneyoda.com/buy_now.html
  12. congrats! could you go over exactly what the detox program was? did you JUST eat organic fruits/veggies? thats it? and also, how long have you been off the detox?
  13. have any of you found a good sunscreen? all i seem to find break me out, even the oil free, non-comedogenic ones...
  14. after i eat (and pretty much all day other then when i wake up), i get really bloated and i feel like my food is sitting right up at the top of my esophagus and if i were to burp, i would throw it up. i take a pro-biotic but is there anything to help digest food better (assuming that's what the problem is)?