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  1. Hey guys a lot of good posts on this topic and Id like to chime in. I think its a little bit of an overstatement to say "nobody notices yours scars". I totally agree on the fact that 99% of people aren't looking at someones face to specifically try to find scars like us acne scar sufferers and I agree that generally for the most part they don't look at someones face and in their head say "ACNE SCARS", unless they are really severe to the point where they overtake someones entire face. I think th
  2. Hey @beautifulambition I cant totally attest to what kind of lifestyle he lives because he has mentioned before that a lot of the stuff he does in his videos is just for the videos and that he cleaned up his diet and stopped doing drugs in real life because of his skin. Ive been following his case very closely for the last year because as someone with scars, we want any amount of hope in treatments so we can help our own. Its kind of tough to tell if his scar treatments are working because he co
  3. https://www.instagram.com/supremepatty/ For about the last year ive been following this Instagram person because he has pretty bad scarring and acne and hes done maybe 8-10 scar treatments including tca cross, microneedling, subscion, laser....pretty much everything. His results are pretty disappointing. People often in the comments make fun about him for doing all these treatments with no results. Why do you think he isn't getting results?
  4. Hey man your improvement is definetley there!! happy for you
  5. Hi @Scared angel I have scars really similar to yours and hopefully I can give you some advice so you can get really good results. Like the people above said, your scars are very easy to treat when it comes to treating acne scars because you have small icepick scars and your skin type means you wont get Hyperpigmentation or have to stretch out treatments. When I started my treatments I tried Infini and regular microneedling which gave me no results and actually left a couple random holes from wh
  6. Hi, normally when a scar fills in, it fills in with scar like tissue. For example, I am doing tca cross and its filling the scars in with skin that kinda looks like a mix of scar tissue and normal skin. If your doing filler then obviously the skin will just look like the normal skin that's on the surface. It really depends on what treatment your doing and how big the scar is. I had tca cross done to some of my really small holes and when they filled in you can literally not even tell that they w
  7. I am currently in the process of doing tca cross as well as low density co2 laser for my acne scars. I have pretty much all ice pick scars and I am Caucasian. I have been breaking out recently and due to the obvious fact of not wanting any more scars I was thinking about going back on Accutane. I went on Accutane about 3 years ago and it completely cleared my skin. If I were to go back on it I would probally do a lower dose, maybe 10-20mg a day because my acne isn't that bad. I'm a 5-11 185 poun