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  1. Hi! I would like to post my experience regarding Jojoba Oil. I had been using Jojoba Oil for 3 months already but stop using it on the third month. This is what happened: First month- acne started to clear, flare uo and existing cystic acne started to fade away, as well as the few comedones on my temple area. Second Month- few small bumps are starting to come out. I didn't mind since its not so obvious anyway. Third Month- I started to get a lot of closed comedones (its color isn't reddi
  2. Do you really need to use toner if you have closed comedones? I never had problems with closed comedones, but when I started using jojoba as a mositurizer, closed comedones came out from all over my face. I dont know if its purging or breakout. It came out after 2 mos of using jojoba oil. At first It made my skin clear. I dont knos what happened why I broke out after 2-3 mos of using it.