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  1. nickie115

    My experience With TCA Cross !! It worked

    I defenetly worked, i have heard about tca make them worst and i was so scared of it , that i panicked the whole process. but at the end everything ended up well, it did get wider and i am even satisfied with the results. so as i recomend pleas get it done by especialist, dont do it at home it migh be too risky.
  2. Guys I had great results with tca 95% . I was so scared, I was in panic, i thought i had taken the worst decision of my life but it was the best. my icepick scars and boxcar scar were not that deep but they improved 60 or 80 % beautiful. I didnt fin so much info about all the process i was going to go through as days went by. But thats whiy im here you can ask me anything, scabs, aftercares, anything. and be patientce . and please first off don make them worst by trying things at home, dont pop your pimples treat them how its due not with you nails, second advice dond do tca at home pleas go to specialist.
  3. nickie115

    Type of scars and best treatments please

    was it only subsicion, i think i can see laser or microneedling, even some look like tca, keep us updated thabks
  4. no no, you proly got me wrong, what i meant is that the surronding skin that was totally perfect before, was kind of burnt with the acid after the treatment now looks part of the scar if that make sense, it looks like depressed, so that was my point how is it going to fill up when is affecting the surroundings. ANd yes probably its too early for conclusions. But anyways My advice for everyone would be, unless you have severe acne scars dont do anything, science probly has not reached that point to be able to regenerate skin 100%, time would be the best .
  5. nickie115

    Dating and acne scars.....

    Be strong, damn i wish i had someone like you told me dont mess with the fucking scars, i just did tca cross, the doctor said it was the best option it would enhance the aspect. Now i think im regreting .
  6. I dont know ill keep you updated, this doesnt feel right so far. if theres anyone that already went through the process of heling can please inform me thanks .
  7. It was 95% on my cheek right above my mouth. Im just waiting for the best, i dont want to have a huge hole when the scabs are gone. I asked him about the 95% percent and he said it was fine, my icepick scar was also pretty shallow i consider. was it too high ?
  8. Hey guys, I come to you just to warn you about tca cross, is not the best option due to its high risks. I dont get why doctors still perform this if the probability it gets worse is so high. Anyways I dont know if im being to pesimistic, i dont have many scars from acne i just had one that within two weeks for me got pretty bad so i decided to get tca cross done on it , its been 4 days and i already can tell how its going to turn out because it looks way worst than before, i dont see how its going to fill in. i whis i had never touched i would be more than happy if i was left with what it was before. And here is a story, i probably red all the information about the procedure before taking the decision, many comments are good many others are bad, but i decided i was going to do it, walkin towards the doctors office i was so affraid, if i was going for a little ice pick scar cause it got me depressed imagine if it gotten worse, i didnt follow my instincts .... too much risk, i even talked to the doctor again i told him i was affraid, he said dont worry believe me is the best option so it calmed me. now look guys we humans are so stubborn, i wish i had red a comment her warning me ... DONT DO IT, DONT DO IT. HOPEFULLLY this helps you .
  9. nickie115

    Which method for icepick and boxcar

    Dont do it, its a miracle that it wasnt active TCA, Here me out, dont do it, TCA at home its really dangerous your going to mess up your skin, and even worst if it is 100% way too strong. I had TCA done, i doesnt work it make them worst.