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  1. Ha 250208 I agree. My cousin had the worst skin and he still had a lot of friends and got girls b/c he has a cool ass personality...says a lot
  2. Well I have my track conference and prom the next day and I just can't help but think about how bad my face looks . Guess all just have to grin and bare it....Anyone else going or went to prom? How was it and how'd your skin look?
  3. It blows my mind that people actually dropped out of school b/c of acne. I mean a day or two fine but dropping out and missing tons of days? I really don't understand...
  4. I lift in Weights class and I run Varsity Track about 6 days a week. However after track season, I exercise very little...
  5. Well I'm in High School and I run TRACK...in other words I see the same people everyday. I try not to let it bother me so much and you shouldn't either. Who cares what people you don't know are going to think of you. They'll probably think oh that person has bad skin and continue on with their workout. Their seriously not going to be studing your face. Cheer up and go back to working out...
  6. Uh...prom is usually around the beginning of May. Mine is May 3rd I think. hAnyway regardless, date or not I'm going. Once in a life time experience. Why not?
  7. I know acne holds a lot of people on here back. Just curious...
  8. I have 4 Questions for you guys using urine therapy. 1. Do You have a significant other? 2. If so how do they feel about it? 3. Do you openly discusss this with other people(not on here)? 4. If you do get the results you want, are you going to use this method forever? From what I read, you're not receiving any miracle that you couldn't get with using any other product. I'm not knocking your regimen, whatever you think will help. However I wouldn't encourage others to use this method b/c urine i
  9. No, don't cake make up on your face, if anything the maek-up will make you look different. If you have a huge pimple forming, it's going to show up anyway. They will retouch that crap
  10. I was watching The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency show and this guy who created some acne product was looking for models with acne to hire. You can't really see their skin in the clip(better on TV), but some were worse than others. It just shows that this is a serious problem for a lot of people(even models). There are a lot of worse things, but it takes a toll on some. I realized the extent at to which people would go for clear skin. Anyway, Here is the link to Part 4: some on Part 3 too