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  1. I think the risk for PIH is significantly greater when sunscreen is omitted or used ineffectually. I am really scrupulous about mine and don't expect any PIH. The treatment I had was very shallow, too. I don't think it did anything. I feel more and have more visible trauma when I use my derminator. The woman who did it said she used the standard protocol.
  2. At first after reading this I felt ripped off. But then I remembered that endymed puts out heat all the way along the needle depth, not just at the tip. I was afraid of the noninsulated needless-there is a risk of PIH with my skin type (Greek, pale olive, Fitzpatrick III). But that is clearly not going to be an issue. 3 days later I feel some roughness and microcrusting (this will take 4 additional days to resolve) but I can't see it without my glasses.
  3. superburrito, do you have any idea what parameters they used on your face? i had endymed (similar to infini but the needles are not insulated) friday afternoon. they used 1.5mm on the chin and forehead, 2mm on the cheeks. i think i needed more depth around my mouth.
  4. Dermbrasion is what got me in the mess I am in today. I had it in 1993 to correct for extremely mild acne scarring (maybe 0.5/10 with 10 being worst) and it made me much worse, maybe 3/10. I cried at a follow-up and the doctor then gave me phenol, which made me 7.5/10. That was 30 years ago. I didn't know anything back then. I started reading papers only after my face was destroyed. Make sure you go to someone who knows what (s)he is doing. Dr. Wieiner and Rullan are probably your best bets
  5. I did not receive any pain meds. I wanted to jump out of a window. It was the worst pain I have ever been in, by far. But Rullan knows what he is doing. It might be worth the risk with him.
  6. A phenol peel 30 years ago gave me horrible scars and changed my life significantly. I had a practitioner who didn't know what he was doing. I suspect he had never done it before. You're in safer hands with Rullan but I myself would not risk it again.
  7. Thanks for the update. I am itching (as we all are) to see your improvement. It's agonizingly slow, isn't it?
  8. thanks BA. my skin always looks better when filled. but it hasn't done diddley squat for the actual scars--they're still there. i did get some modest improvement with halo, though. before/afters are often very sketchy. they change the lighting, angle, focus, and depth from the camera often, and as previously mentioned, take advantage of that glorious honeymoon period of post-procedural swelling. i can make document camera photos of my skin look perfect without photoshop just by changing the
  9. 4) Filler is a treatment, we are NOT using it for volume with subcision, but a spacer for your OWN Collagen to be formed. I thought they could do that with saline or prp instead of filler, which is usually a lot more expensive.
  10. It makes me sad that they are classifying filler as "treatment." Filler is not treatment, it is camouflage. If they did not do that, the improvement would be only modest in most cases. Especially if the patient is older.
  11. I'd say maybe 50% improvement from the nose down and 20% from the nose up. But that's just the left cheek. Right side did not improve as much--I have a lot less fat on that side so every defect shows up more. The chin and forehead did not improve as much but there was more improvement on the left than the right. I am reading Dr. Weiner's blog entries on Ultherapy and Infini and I probably will go with him and Genius next time. He quit using Ultherapy and for good reasons.
  12. before and six weeks after, could not get an exact duplicate on lighting another
  13. Reporting in 6 weeks after the procedure (fractionated erbium). My left side is very much improved, buy my right side, which was more depleted to begin with (unfortunately our asymmetries get worse as we age), not as much. I'm not sure if I am still experiencing microswelling. Recovery was a piece of cake. I was back to work in four days, still a bit swollen and red but not overtly so. I can still see my pores but they are not as huge and the webbing is also much reduced. My prac
  14. I found this one, which makes a good case for a minimum wait of 3 months: In Vivo Histological Evaluation of a Novel Ablative Fractional Resurfacing Device Hantash et al. Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 39:96–107 (2007) https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1002/lsm.20468 As I am over 50, it's probably going to take longer than that for me.
  15. Does anyone have good references for the collagen remodeling process, specifically, timelines? I know we are advised to wait 3 months between treatments here while doctors routinely advise multiple treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. I understand they make a lot more money this way. But are there some charts or graphs showing how much healing takes place within the first two vs three months, something like that? I've heard of one woman who continued to improve an entire year out but I don't