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  1. hey, ive been on tazorac and minocine for about 1 and a half months now. my doc told me to just apply it at night, didn't say anything about washing it off though, dont think your suppose to do that. its been working great clearing my acne and my skin looks better than ever, hope it helps you
  2. well i told myself i'd stay off this site cause my acne only got worse after getting on it, but i gotta say that taz and mino really worked for me, im about a month and a half into it, 2 pills a day, use the taz at night, and not a single pimple right now. i had moderate acne for about 10 months, no cyst though. for the 1st month using these, i broke out pretty bad and it didn't seem to do anything but make me worse, but now for about a week ive been completely clear. just wanted to let anyon
  3. hey smoothbeaming, u used tazorac cream? im going into week 3 of it now and was wondering, i hear people say "give it 3 months for it to work" but do they mean, after 3 months, it'll start clearing me up, or after 3 months, ill be clear? and the doc said to use it once a day at night, but would it be bad to use it in the mornin too? it doesn't irritate me anymore, actaully makes my skin feel really nice, thx for any hlep u can give
  4. yeah too much sun is baaad, i found that out other day, didn't put sunscreen on cause didn't know i'd be in the sun for 2 and a half straight hours, texas sun...anyways, i didn't think i was sunburnt but i guess i was, when i showered and washed my face, it dried, and it dried bad, i had peeled from dryness before..but this was incredible, big white chunks of skin coming off, uuuughh, kinda grosss
  5. hey, finally went to the doctor, he put me on taz and some pill that i dont remember what it was...like tetracyc..something but not as bad on the stomach. anyways, got a few questions about the tazorac cream, do u put it on ur whole face or just on problems areas? and how much do u put on? would it be ok to do this? in morning use c&c blackhead scrubber with SA, and c&c continuious control with BP, then, at night do the same thing and after dried, apply the tazorac cream? or should i
  6. when i tried the oxy 10% bp stuff, it left the white stuff all over my face, after u rub it in, are u suppose to splash all it off w/ water or what?? it didn't do that w/ the neutrogena on thespot 2.5% thing
  7. what can make red spots from old pimples fade faster??
  8. yeah it started yesterday morning, or that's when i noticed it, then it grew through the day and then by today there were 3....and ive ramped up the amount of bp to what he says, im starting to think maybe his regimen isn't for some people, and im one of those people, and ive wasted the last 2 months, and plenty of money, on this one...i think its time i tried something else, but one good note, it did almost clear my acne on my forehead, but that wasn't too bad to start w/,thx for makin the site
  9. read what i said, "i follow the regimen exactly"...that should answer your question right?
  10. ok, so yesterday i noticed a whitehead formin on my cheek, i follow the regimen exactly, i did it like im suppose to yesetday but it just got worse, andby today, theres 3 big ol zits on my cheek, shouldi pop these cause they aren't getting bigger...is using the neutrogena onthespot worse than bp gel or does it matter? ive been thinkin about moving it up to doing it 3 times a day instead of 2, is this a bad idea? cause ive been on it forwawhlie and its slightly cleared me...