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  1. @Cleopatra88 Hey there, I just wanted to say that I think youre beautiful regardless of your scars. I myself have scars and from time to time feel poorly about them. But it is within all of us that we can accept and love ourselves even if we have scars or any other flaws. Over time we can shift our self perception to a more healthier and more positive inner dialogue. One that can uplift us and give us the strength to love and accept ourselves completely regardless of our flaws.
  2. Hey @Briannagettings, im sorry you’re still dealing with acne break outs!l. Acne is quite debilitating to one’s self esteem and overall mental health (From personal experience). I would like to suggest a couple things l, that I am sure a select few responders have mentioned. Nevertheless I’d like to elaborate! For myself, when dealing with major break outs and acne in general. I changed my diet in entirely for around 2/3 years. I amped up my vegetable, fruit, and wat
  3. Watch your diet man like @onemanwarrior34 had mentioned. Try eliminating dairy, sugars, grains are huge as well. Also processed foods. Switch to a more organic and holistic diet!! Hope this helps!! Keep us updated
  4. Hey @lolo202 I hope you’re getting some progress with dealing with acne. If not here are a couple of tips that have worked for me over the years. Even though I still break out, the breakouts aren’t as big or rampant. 1. Diet: I truly feel like what you put in your body will ultimately come out through your skin, affect your hormones/sugar levels to spike and plummet, and have a tole on your mental health. So I’m sure you know sugar, dairy, lots of grains, and proces
  5. Remarkable, thank you for making me aware of this. Any idea on when the FS2 creams are expected to hit the market? Or do you know any other information about this?
  6. @KarenM Try washing your face with just water for a week and see what happens!!! trust me!!!
  7. You’re right, I’m sorry I’m just having easily the worst day of my life. I’m really down. I’m starting counselling tomorrow. I’m just trying to find answers. Sorry about the pessimism. Thanks @beautifulambition
  8. @beautifulambition Thank you for the support once again, the negativity comes from hopelessness. I’m so overwhelmed with life right now and ya mostly because of these scars. I also still get acne... it’s a difficult battle. The mental trauma adds up. Also do you know if these fillers will fill in my smile creases and lines ??? I’m concerned about them deepening even more. Much love BA ❤️ @acne_skin_queen thank you for your kindness. Much love ❤️
  9. @floridagirl1991 thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot to me. Thank you ❤️ Also, your scars aren’t bad and I love what @beautifulambition said about not comparing scars, it’s not a healthy approach or way of thinking about this ordeal. Apparently I’m going to have to spend $10,000 for any type of results, but I’ll remain optimistic the top photo is my desired results, in every lighting. These are post treatment around 5 h
  10. Just wondering if anyone on here has removed their acne scars entirely or to a tolerable level??
  11. @Cantcatchabreak88 Hey, I have been dealing with acne since I’ve been twelve and still get cystic acne as I currently have one in my beard that has been there for 2 weeks. May I ask what your is like? I have mitigated my cystic acne through diet. I hope you’re good mentally ❤️
  12. @floridagirl1991 Hey I just wanted to say I just got a subcision and restylane like 3 hours ago and spent a good amount of money for no results. I just got over another mental breakdown and seems like many more to come. I have an appointment with this renowned dermatologist here in Calgary. But again, I don’t feel like I will get the results I want.I feel like everyone on this site should group together until we get free treatments and get results. I don’t want to live in isolation b