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  1. My nose is covered in blackheads and has been for awhile. Any suggestions of products to use on them? On another note, I just recently bought the alpha hydrox 10% enhanced lotion, what is the best way to use this product? Recently I have started to get quite a few pimples on my neck/jawline. Can I use it on these to try and get rid of them or should I just use BP? Thanks.
  2. I have long had blackheads that pretty much cover my nose. It is something that has just seemed like the norm but I am trying to figure out what to do to get rid of them. Can I use Dans BP stuff or are there other products I should try first? I heard that using AHA might work. I bought Walgreens alpha hydroxy, it is 8% AHA of 70% cream for the marks left after acne. Should that work for both the blackheads and the redmarks? Sorry this isnt very explanatory, Im just trying to get any sugges
  3. I have been using the benzoyl peroxide treatment for a few months. The area around my mouth/chin was my main problem spot. That has cleared up significantly in the last few months. However, when that cleared up, I started getting pimples on my jawline and neck, where I had never really gotten them before. I would prefer to have them there than the front of my place if they are going to be somewhere but i cant seem to get the problem as a whole taken care of. Does anybody know why all of a s
  4. Hello, Over the past month I have developed red, inflamed skin on and around my nose. It has progressively gotten worse. I have been doing some research and think that what I have is most likely rosacea. I was told by a derma. a few years ago that I had it but was nothing like this. It kinda popped up out of nowhere but has gotten really bad the past 2 weeks. I am not able to get into a dermatologist for atleats 7-8 weeks(if that) in order to find out for sure. Does anyone have any suggest
  5. I just bought some alpha hydroxy cream and was wondering how to incorporate it into the regimen. Right now I wash, apply BP cream and then moisturize. Any suggestions about when to add in the AH cream and how often to apply it? I do not really have any "active" acne on my chin/mouth area but have many after acne red marks. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I have been using dan's BP for about 8-9 weeks now. I have only 2 or 3 smaller active pimples now but many red marks on chin/neck. It still looks really bad in brighter lighting, etc. I was wondering when can I start using something and what it is I might use.
  7. Hey guys, I posted something about this a few weeks ago but it gone down only recently to pick up again. My nose and about an inch or so on each side extending under my eyes is red and inflamed. It is also dry/peeling on the corners of my nose and kinda burns especially right after i put on moisturier. It recently got much worse. I was using aveeno moisturizer but bought cetaphil and started using that. Any ideas or suggestions as to what it might be and what I could do about it would be re
  8. I have not used any new products. A few years ago I went to the dermatologist and was told that I have Seborrhea Dermatitis. I don't know if that is what it is but if so, is there anything out there, without going to the dermatologist, to treat it?
  9. For the last few weeks or so I have had redness/inflamation on both sides of my nose and right next to it on both sides right under my eyes. After showering/working out it flares up worse. I have no idea what it might be or what to do with it. I know this is a pretty generic explanation but I dont know how else to explain it. Any input would be appreciated.
  10. I have been on the regimen for a little over 4 weeks now. I had a breakout during week 2 but the last few days have not had too many more new pimples. I do have alot of red spots on my chin area(main acne area) and was wondering what I could do about these. ALso, I have had many blackheads on my nose for a long time and wondering if exfoliating my skin will help? Also what is the most effective way for exfoliating your skin? Also, I have a big, cystic? pimple I believe starting(big, under s
  11. Hi guys, I have been using Dan's 2.5% BP for about 2 weeks now. My regimen is to wash with cetaphil cleanser, apply Dans BP, and finally apply Aveeno Ultra Calming moisturizer. I have only been applying the BP at night. The first week or so the existing acne I had definitely died down a bit but this past week, I have had several new pimples around mouth area. Should I start using it both in the morning and at night? I now use a little bit more than the suggested amount to start as I wanted
  12. Hi guys, I am 22 years old and been having problems with moderate acne for the last 3 to 4 years. More recently I have been extremely self conscious and am dying to get clear skin. I recently tried Nuetrogena Oil Free Acne wash and after 2 days of use it dried my entire face out, making it red and flaky. So I decided I would try the regimen. I just received the package but am wondering whether I should put the BP on in the morning or night to start? I am only going to do it once a day for a