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  1. Thank you for responding! I’m not quite sure where to begin. Should I get the subcision first or start with some TCA cross peels. Are there any special instructions or the subcision e.g. needle type, length etc. Another factor would be that I will start trying to get pregnant in two months( had a Myomectomy in May, so Dr. Advised me to wait for 6 months before trying) I have heard that peels and laser are out of the question when pregnant. Please suggest what I should do in this two month window
  2. I am left with these horrible scars after adult acne. I have had chemical peels, dermaroller, laser treatments with barely any results. Should I be looking into subcision? Please help me understand these scars better and find the best treatment for them.
  3. Pearl1983

    Help!! What do I do!!

    I have suffered from acne my whole adult life. I’m left with these horrible scars. I don’t know what kind of scars these are. I’ve tried microderma abrasion, Derma roller, fraxel laser and chemical peels nothing helped. I have brown skin and the doctors don’t advice TCA Peels. Please help!!