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  1. Hey laindenver- Just wanted to update and say that I'm still using the Nucelle and my skin isn't really purging out those comedones anymore. My skin feels pretty smooth now. I'm getting some small stuff still cropping up, but it's in smaller areas than before (like maybe 2-4 pores at a time rather than all over my chin or something). I do use BP every other night either all over or as spot treatment only depending if my skin is dry and such. I'm pretty satisfied with it so far, but I'm not
  2. How about icing it? Too much BP could cause excessive dryness which = more irritation = more redness and a more noticeable spot. Let your confidence shine through, and most people will not even notice it, I think. Good luck!
  3. Hi. Sometimes I put jojoba on before my BP if my skin seems really dry. I only do this at night though, otherwise I think I'd be too shiny. I've never noticed that it breaks me out... actually, I tend to get whiteheads if my skin is too dry. I'm not sure about moisturizing three times a day... I think if you are doing it really gently so that it doesn't cause much extra irritation to your skin, you should be okay. Good luck!
  4. I think you could try icing them to see if that makes the pores look smaller, but from my personal experience you just have to give them a day or two to close up on their own. Good luck.
  5. If you just leave it alone after, the pore will go back to it's normal size in a day or two. I'd say wash your face after you extract them though, just to make sure you don't get any infected spots.
  6. I noticed the same thing when I increased my mandelic acid too. My chin has a lot more bumps now and my cheeks do as well. I'm thinking it's just increased purging, so I'm going to stick with it. I had been using mandelic only in the morning for about a month and last week I added it in every other night as well. After using it just in the morning for a month, I noticed my skin was hardly bumpy at all anymore, so that's why I increased it. I also noticed that my skin texture seems better.
  7. I have to agree with Violetmoon. I had a few clear months after Accutane then my acne came back just as bad as before. I'm also worried about effects of Accutane that may pop up later. I wish I had never done it. It was a waste of money and health for me.
  8. A few of my friends and I are 24 and 25 and we still have acne. We had a good laugh about it because when you are younger, everyone tells you you will grow out of it. It wasn't the case for us at all. Some women actually get acne for the first time in their early 20s. So just be sure to focus on controlling your breakouts (with SA or whatever you like) rather than hoping for the day when you grow out of it. That's my experience anyway. Good luck.
  9. Your skin is glowing in the latest pics... the regimen seems to be working for you!
  10. I had success with it and that was after I did Accutane. After I was off of Accutane, my skin got bad again after a few months. I did Proactiv and it stopped working after a year, like usual, so I tried pantothenic acid. It really worked. Since then I've only had mild spots and hormonal stuff.... love being a girl. Anyway, from my experience, I'd recommend it. But you can definitely read up on what others have to say before you try. Good luck!
  11. Thanks for all the info. One question, for what purpose did you being to supplement B-12 and Folic Acid prior to adding 5-HTP to the mix?
  12. Taken from Wikipedia: Risks and Side Effects 5-HTP raises blood serotonin levels, and because of the risks associated with elevated levels it should only be taken under the advice of a medical professional (See Chronic diseases resulting from serotonin 5-HT2B overstimulation). For instance, elevated blood serotonin levels are associated with cardiac valve failure and acute or chronic pulmonary hypertension. Comprehensive clinical data on other side-effects of 5-HTP are not available. Nevert
  13. Hi. I've been doing these for about a week and I can't see any difference on my face just yet but I've noticed that my energy is much higher. I also don't feel tired after lunch like usual or days after I haven't gotten enough sleep. Also, I have asthma and the city I live in now is a bit polluted, and I've noticed since I've been drinking these, I can get really nice, deep breaths. So I'm thinking if it's working on the inside, it's just a matter of time before it starts to show on the
  14. I agree with the above. Besides all of the side effects that can last for years, 7 years later I still have thin hair and dry lips, people often have acne come back after a few months or years. Mine came back just as bad after a few months. It was a waste of money and damage to my body.