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  1. to much water... Just put like 6 asprin in there and about 3 drops and let it sit for minute. Then take a look at it and maybe try to crush it up a little bit and stir it....add a drop or so if needed then add a bunch of honey. Its a mess just dont get to much on fingers at once and apply it. DO NOT let your face touch anything or dont touch your face while its on...it really is a mess haha
  2. ok i wasnt serious about ski mask unless your lawn is not in sight of the public lol. Just go ahead and picture that in your head right now and dont tell me you didnt laugh...
  3. It calms things down some, helps even out and smooth skin for while to. Its worth a shot. Add like 5 or 6 asprin in like a shot glass or something and add a couple (drops) of water and let them dissolve. Then add whatever amount of honey. Let sit for about 45 mins then wash off gently.
  4. But within those 4 days of feasting on whole wheat bread you think i would have had a breakout....? I think maybe i had some on my body tho which is weird. I figured that would be a sufficient amount of time to test the wheat theory, should had a reaction in a day or 2. Plus that more bread then i would normaly eat in a day anyways. I am hoping its not the oatmeal and flax seed thats breaking me out tho!
  5. Ok so i had been really cutting back on the breakouts. I have been having a green smoothie every day for few weeks. Have realllyy cut back on sugar. Been eating big bowl of oatmeal in morning with my smoothie ( that i add 3 tbsp flax seed to). I had cut out my bread all together but....then i had a break out. Of course i waited for most to go down, had to relieve some of them ( god damn red marks now). I am recovering from the breakout still I about 4 to 5 days ago i decided i would cut b
  6. Im serious, im gonna try this and report back....this would be the best exuse ever to do it haha
  7. Wish i could work out hard and all my spots and blackheads and such would pop out lol.
  8. Im gonna try crankin one out daily...i will tell you how that goes lol
  9. Well i have been using the filtered water from fridge to wash off face. I cant say how much its helped cause i have changed so many things recently, i dont see why it would hurt tho, and its easy to do. I would hate to use bottled water cause its just rediculous to waste all those bottles when you can just fill them back up.
  10. Ok, its not gonna do anygood to snort it, even if you do get more of the medicine quicker its not gonna make a big difference anyways. If you have ever snorted pills before like vicodin or perc, the only reason it BURNS is cause of the acetametaphin. dont do it
  11. Ok, so i have been doing green smoothies and realy cutting back on sugar things. I have been doing this for about 2 weeks. It seems to have helped a little and i also have been running. I also started a few days ago cutting out my 2 slices of bread in morning and 2 at lunch (sandwhiches and such). Seeing as these are prolly my main source of gluten and such i thought i would try and cut back on those for a week or so and see if i can get rid of that last remaining hint of things popping up.
  12. Yea sorry about douple post, my computer is definatly the decider on what happens when im on it lol. Thanks for help. Last night and this morning it looked alright, redness was down a little and pores a little smaller.
  13. Ok so sorry about posting this but my computer is very selective about what i can do and wont do, it needs to be worked on. I wasnt able to search but i was wondering about how to prepare the honey asprin mask? I tried to make one last night and it kinda seemed like it worked. Gotta get some different asprin tho.